Top 10 Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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"Take advantage of mind-blowing explainer videos to expand in the crypto space."

Online explainer video production has seen a huge growth since 10 years ago. Once it was a luxury to have a video like that on your website, now it is a necessity. Thankfully, the prices have reduced as the popularity increased and more video production companies are established. But one thing remains the same – a high quality custom video can really take your idea and business scheme to the next level.

Equally, cryptocurrency hasn’t been that popular 10 years ago. But with Bitcoin being traded at around 42 thousand dollars each and Ethereum at around 3000 dollars, we can all agree that cryptocurrency is booming and there is no sign of slowing down.

If you are active in the crypto market or probably starting to think of launching a business in this sector, you should know the the popularity of a cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency related service is crucial to your success. So how do you educate, convince and convert the masses in a short span of time?

This is where a beautifully made explainer video fit into the picture.

Bitcoin did just that in 2011. You may watch it here:

In this article I’d like to showcase some of the best examples of explainer video usage in the crypto and blockchain industry.

1) Salt Lending

Salt Lending provides a wide range of USD and stable-coin loans using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more as collateral. This explainer video visualizes how the platform works with 3D elements, fluid animation and dynamic color combination.

2) Airswap

Airswap is a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network fueled by Ethereum. Its aim is to make the buying and selling of tokens secure and simple, without any fees. This line-based animated explainer video gives a techy vibe. It explains the concept in a clear and succinct manner with no frills.

3) Genesis Vision

Built on blockchain technology and smart contracts, Genesis Vision is a platform where managers, brokers, traders, exchanges can access a diverse range of assets. This video looks like it was a part of a Sci-fi movie scene with highly detailed and realistic 3D models. Furthermore, the smooth camera movements lead you straight to the future. A great inspirational piece if you have a large production budget.

4) Cloudbric

Cloudbric makes the web safe from hackers by building software to protect connectivity for web applications, IoT devices, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

By just looking at the aesthetic features of this video, we get a sense of what it is about. Crypto exchanges and wallets are portrayed as cubes enclosing different cryptocurrencies, while hackers and the solution are visualized using a game-like approach in an isometric environment.

5) Keplertek

Keplertek is an ecosystem regulated by smart contracts that brings together talented engineers, companies and investors to propel the development of AI and robotics industry.

I love this clever approach to making an explainer video. Hypnotic, visually stunning and captivating motion graphics, it’s almost like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope.

6) Bitcoin – What’s Coming

Whether you’re familiar with the crypto space or not, Bitcoin is one of the first things that pops up in our mind when we hear or see the word ‘cryptocurrency’. It’s recent swift, or more accurately, meteoric rise makes it one of the most talked about topics in news and finance.

This explainer video created by Bloomberg Business Week explores the possibility of Bitcoin going mainstream. Creative and out-of-the-box visual storytelling will ensure that you watch the video until the very end.

7) Blockchain – Dubai

Dubai Real Estate Blockchain aims to remove the cumbersome paperwork involved in real estate through the adoption of blockchain technologies.

The talented team at Buck did it again. This video talks about disruptive technologies but with a human touch. Beautiful illustrations coupled with fluid animation and straight-to-the-point narration makes it a total masterpiece.

8) Bitcoin – Blockchain explainer

Goodbit is a one stop, completely free online resource for all things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

This video educates people about Bitcoin and I love how easy-to-understand it is. The scenes are connected through though thoughtful storyboarding and the successful execution makes this video truly outstanding.

9) Mulechain

Mulechain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer shipping, delivery and warehousing platform.

The video depicts the story of a main character who is too busy to shop as he attends to his work and two kids (sounds too familiar with the current work-from-home arrangements around the world). Great use of colors and texture, I love how the video is put together in a way that most of us are familiar with.

10) Earth Token

Earth token made this quirky artistic animated video to explain about their ingenious idea of helping earth using Etherium blockchain technology. This token helps connecting green investors with the communities to preserve the planet earth.

For example, instead of chopping down the trees to earn money, the communities will get paid in Earth Token to preserve the trees. Think of it as a climate asset. I love the choice of colors and characters in this explainer video.

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CEO & Creative Director at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
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