Top 10 NFT Animation Artists in 2022

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"NFT trend is just getting started. Here is why you shouldn't miss it!"

Where 2021 introduced the world to the concept of NFTs, it has also been the birth year of exceptional artists who have made millions through selling their artworks on digital platforms. Who are they? What’s so special about their artworks? And are they going to survive by selling NFT’s forever? This, and much more, we are going to discuss in this Top 10 NFT Animation artist list, with little tid-bits about non-fungible tokens as well.

So let’s jump in without any ado!

What is NFT about?

An NFT or non-fungible token is any digital asset bought or sold through blockchain technology. Unlike fungible assets that are equivalent to or can be exchanged for something, let’s say a dollar, NFTs are unique or one-of-a-kind items in digital form that are transferred from one owner to another through blockchain technology.

As the transfer occurs, it leaves a trail from the seller to the buyer, and this trail verifies the transaction and transfers unique ownership rights to the new owner. NFTs can be anything, from music to digital visual artwork or even a video. There are many online marketplaces where buying and selling of NFTs occur, and the payments are made through cryptocurrency.

Although the concept has been there since 2014, the trend took off in 2021, with a huge wave of investors and collectors entering the game. As of now, it’s a full-fledged industry!

Is NFT a good long-term investment?

In complete honesty, hell yeah! NFTs are like fine wine or a vintage car. The older they get, the more they are appreciated, and thus increase in value. The keyword here is a rarity. But that’s not the only thing here.

NFTs are basically creating a future where arts patronage will look much different, facilitating support for artists like never before through direct transactions. Plus, with the industry being in its arguably initial stages, there’s a lot of room for new artists to thrive.

So if you are thinking about making some investments, now might be a great time. According to statistics, NFT sales hit a massive $25 billion mark in 2021, with people buying everything, from video clips to peculiar digital cats and anything you can imagine.

TOP 10 animation NFT animation artists in 2022 

Following are the top-10 NFT animation artists of 22 who are making millions selling their artworks:

1.  Pak

Formerly known as Murat Pak, Pak is an NFT artist with an artwork style typically revolving around geometric shapes targeted to Blockchain fans.

Pak Artwork NFT

Pak’s highest-selling NFT was “Merge,” earning him (or them) around $98.1 million. It is one of the all-time highest-selling NFTs. Pak’s NFTs have been sold on numerous platforms, including Sotheby’s, Maker’s place, Super Rare, etc.

2.  Breakfast

Breakfast is a Brooklyn-based robotic kinetic art studio that intermingles technology and art and makes interactive artworks that allow the onlookers to become a part of it. Their highest-priced NFT is “LongyearbyenWarming” which spreads awareness of climate change. It was presented at the COP26 climate change summit. The NFT sold for about $85,000.

3.  Beeple

Beeple’s real name is Mark Winklemann. And if you call him the uncrowned king of NFTs, we wouldn’t judge you; the dude had a year of his life in 2021. Beeple sold his first artwork for a whopping $28.9 million at an auction. But he didn’t stop here. He sold another NFT named “Everydays, The First 5000 Days” at a whopping $68.9 million, the deal that broke the internet!

4.  Lucréce

Lucréce is a digital artist who makes both 3D animations and 2D animations. His artworks include everything, from abstract images to weirdly shaped monkeys and Batman-costumed cats.

Lucrece NFT art collection famous

Lucrece’s NFT animations are a visual translation of raw imaginations merged with aesthetic creativity and a touch of quirkiness. Gen Z NFT enthusiasts love it!

5. DeeKay

Let’s walk is an ongoing project by a talented animator DeeKay Kwon. His NFT animations are a walk cycle, with different avatars moving in the same direction with the same speed. In it, you will find everyone, from Chinese monks to Gen Z nerds and even angels. The artist shares his NFTs on Rarible at an average price of 5 ETH, which has a value of around $12,900 each.


Deekay animated NFT art

6.  Xcopy

Although xcopy’s artworks might not have made it to the most expensive ones in 2021, the artist sure holds the record for selling the most NFTs in the last year, with the most expensive one at about $1.5 million, named “Decay.”

xcopy nft animation

Xcopy’s digital artworks are mostly inspired by the crypto theme, with some having a touch of abstraction that sometimes hides a deep meaning within, as reflected in the names.

7.  Hackatao

Hackatao NFT artworks are in many ways different from other creations we see in the blockchain world. They are more involved in social issues, psychology, humanity, and the environment rather than abstraction or aesthetics in common NFT works. That’s one of the special qualities of their creations and perhaps the best selling point of their artworks.

Hack of a Bear XR NFT animation

Hackatao is all about being real and unconventional.

8.  Mrmisang

Mrmisang, as per the provided information, is a South Korean illustrator and animator who loves making digital artworks focused on modern life, the future, and to a limited extent, conspiracies. His artwork collection has a net value of about $3 million, with 193 artworks sold.

NFT Animated Space Hard rock Machine

The visuals in his pieces are quite visually intricate. But guess what, that’s what makes his works so special.

9.  Bored Ape NFTs

Imagine being so profitable that you make a whole NFT cartoon movie! Well, that’s Bored Ape NFTs for you, a one-of-a-kind group that made millions out of selling animated pictures of apes with expressive faces.

The group has been one of the most profitable NFT animation sellers last year, and aspire to contribute to the blockchain market through their recent endeavor; selling animated movies!

10. Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht took off when he presented his first NFT named “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection.” It’s a unique collection of writings and about ten artworks by Ross that tell his story from early childhood to teen years, and then prison. Although he is sentenced to life, all the money made from his NFTs is spent on efforts to free him.

The future of NFT

As we have previously mentioned, with the advancements in blockchain technology, the ways of patronage will also revolutionize eventually. This will allow fans to support their favorite artists through direct transactions by buying their NFTs. Plus, with more and more artists and investors jumping in the league and spending millions, there’s no way the NFT trend is coming down anytime soon…or ever. The statistics speak loudly of it!

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