Top 10 Video Production Agencies in 2024

Top 10 Video Production Agencies in 2024
"If your goal is to produce a professional video, you will need a video agency!"

2014 to 2024: A Decade of Innovation For Video Agencies

A decade has completely revolutionized video production. In 2014, 4K resolution was the cutting edge, while in 2024, 8K resolution is rapidly becoming the norm, offering stunningly sharp visuals. Virtual production, where green screens and computer-generated environments create realistic settings, is flourishing, allowing for fantastical scenes without ever leaving the studio. But the changes aren’t just on set. Pre-production has benefitted from an explosion of cloud-based collaboration tools, streamlining communication and scriptwriting between teams scattered around the globe.

Production itself has seen advancements in camera technology, with lightweight, high-quality options making filming more mobile and adaptable than ever before. Post-production has been transformed by AI-powered editing software that can automate tedious tasks like color correction and basic editing, freeing up editors to focus on the core elements of storytelling.

This, coupled with the rise of affordable virtual reality and augmented reality tools, opens exciting doors for immersive experiences that were once the stuff of science fiction. The future of commercial video production is all about innovative storytelling, condensed for a mobile-first world, all while leveraging the latest advancements throughout the entire creative pipeline.

To save you time, we’ve curated a list of the top video production agencies in 2024:

1. Nexus Studios

Nexus Studios, a film and interactive media powerhouse, operates studios in London and LA. Their work consistently sparks conversation, using handcrafted or high-tech approaches to craft heartfelt stories and experiences. These stories not only transform brands but also captivate audiences through entertainment and cultural relevance.

They have a world-class roster of directors, backed by a massive 180-seat studio teeming with experienced production staff. A team made of creative thinkers, animators, technical directors, coders, illustrators, designers and makers. Their in-house talent allows them to handle every production step, from meticulous animation in a dedicated rostrum room to immersive filming in a green screen studio. Edit suites, a render farm for processing complex visuals and even craft and electronic workshops complete their comprehensive facilities.

They’ve created Academy Award-nominated animation, Grammy-nominated music videos, commercials that have snagged D&AD Black Pencils and triple Cannes Grand Prix awards and digital and immersive experiences recognized with D&AD White Pencils, Lovie Awards, and Webbys.

2. Kasra Design® 

Established in 2011, Kasra Design has become a leading video production agency, crafting high-quality videos that blend live-action footage with animation and motion graphics. Their expertise spans across various video production styles.

Kasra Design is great at filming on location, in a studio setting for interviews or actual product demonstrations. They seamlessly integrate cost-effective live-action footage with animation and motion graphics and create visually interesting videos. If you also need awesome 2D, 3D animations or motion graphics, their team can bring your vision to life in any style.

This allows them to tackle video production in any subject matter and style you desire with skills that is clearly reflected in their award-winning portfolio. They collaborated with both international giants like Pfizer, Pepsico, VISA, HP, IATA and Shell, as well as regional powerhouses such as Petronas, PetroChina.

3. Workshop Film Company

Workshop Film Company is powered by talents like Kevin Parker, Marcus Fung, Antony Packer and Shyloh Mahy. They craft exceptional commercials and branded content. They’re not just about handling one piece of the puzzle, they manage every aspect of a video production project from start to finish. Your dedicated executive producer acts as your project’s guardian angel to make sure you’re informed every step of the way.

From brainstorming to final delivery, Workshop provides access to top-tier talent and resources across North America. It’s like having a direct line to one of the continent’s largest film hubs, guaranteeing excellence in bringing your vision to life. Plus, they make the entire process cool and awesome, infusing creative energy and excitement into every collaboration. They produced videos for giants like G-Shock, Western Union, Interstate Batteries and The University of British Columbia.

4. World War Seven

World War Seven stands out as an awesome video production agency, offering a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond the ordinary. Renowned for their creativity and innovation, they are very good at transforming ideas into globally integrated strategies across multiple platforms.

From out of the box video production to unique automotive touches, World War Seven is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and delivering exceptional results. The client list includes Geico, Trolli, Snickers, UberEats and JetBlue.


Established in Amsterdam back in 2018, HERC stands as a dynamic creative hub dedicated to crafting compelling brand narratives for both local and global clientele embracing a forward-thinking ethos.

Drawing inspiration from DJ Kool Herc, the pioneering figure in hip-hop culture, the agency seamlessly integrates brand development, cultural resonance, and entertainment. Collaborating with renowned names such as G-Star, Young Capital, HP, Shoeby, and Tony’s Chocolonely, HERC has adeptly guided these brands in discovering and amplifying their cultural significance.

6. Final Frontier

Final Frontier stands as a visionary production agency driven by the creation of visually stunning content. Specializing in video production for Advertising & Entertainment, Experiential, and Artistic developments, they consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge creativity.

Operating as a cohesive global entity, Final Frontier leverages its unique and acclaimed roster of directors to craft memorable video campaigns for Advertising. Meanwhile, their Entertainment team focuses on developing premium content for long formats, while the XR division flourishes in the Experiential realm.

Through their Art Gallery, Final Frontier provides a platform for digital artists to thrive, nurturing the industry community and raising industry standards.

7. Highdive Advertising

Highdive Advertising is an independently-owned ad agency headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Their mission revolves around fostering the healthiest client + agency relationships globally.

Their philosophy is straightforward: Healthy relationships are pivotal for optimal performance. Drawing inspiration from the works of thought leaders like Patrick Lencioni and Brené Brown, Highdive emphasizes the importance of maximizing both Productivity and Positivity to drive performance.

Branded as Fearless Creative, their strategy and creative approach are geared towards innovation and differentiation. Their primary objective is to challenge conventional thinking and encourage audiences to perceive brands differently, ultimately driving success for their clients. Their litmus test is clear-cut: If their work resembles or evokes comparisons to competing brands, they consider it a missed opportunity.

8. Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo stands apart from conventional categorizations as either a Japanese or American advertising agency. Instead, it embraces a hybrid identity, drawing on insights and talents from diverse nationalities, including Japan and Korea. This fusion of cultures fuels creativity, resulting in work that transcends traditional advertising, resonating with deeper meaning and relevance.

The agency’s portfolio extends beyond the realm of advertising, encompassing a diverse array of endeavors such as product creation, record label operation, music video production, package design, and brand launches. Independence lies at the core of their ethos, positioning them as the world’s leading independent creative network. Freed from the constraints of holding companies and shareholder interests, they prioritize work that truly matters—work that shapes culture, adds tangible value, drives business success, and elevates brands to prominence.

Their independence also enables them to attract and retain top-tier talent from around the globe. Among their esteemed clientele are industry giants such as Tinder, Google, Suntory, Ikea, and Nike, underscoring their prowess and influence in the advertising landscape.

9. Studio L’Etiquette

Studio L’Etiquette, founded by Manon Engel and Alma de Ricou in 2014, is a multi-disciplinary creative partnership based in Paris. Their collaboration began at the French art academy, Esag Penninghem, during a time of growing interest in digital media.

Initially focusing on exploring the moving image, Studio L’Etiquette now employs various techniques. Alma and Manon serve as a director and photography duo, along with fulfilling roles as artistic directors.

Known for their sophisticated understanding of contemporary visual culture, Studio L’Etiquette infuses their work with humor and charm. Their impressive client list includes renowned names such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Chanel. They are definitely sought-after creatives in the video production industry.

10. Ob42

OB42 creates ads that are more like fun stories than just sales pitches. Their directors travel the globe to understand what’s trending and what people care about. This lets them craft ads that truly connect.

They’re the masters of mixing entertainment with advertising. From short social media clips to big TV commercials, they do it all. With years of experience, they know how to get a brand’s message across loud and clear. But what truly sets them apart is how they infuse real entertainment into everything they do, no matter how long.

With offices in London and LA, OB42 is ready to team up with brands and storytellers worldwide. So, if you want creative ads people will enjoy, OB42 is your crew.

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