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Best Corporate Video Companies in Malaysia

Whether you are a start-up in Malaysia or any part of the world, you need a team who knows what they do, who are seasoned with the deets of making a compelling corporate video, who knows what your audience craves! And that’s who we are going to tell you about!

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7 Steps To Write a Corporate Video Script

The ultimate goal with video scripts is to write them in a way where they’re straightforward and have an impact on your target audience. With a successful script, you and your creative team will be on your way to a successful end product. When starting out, many beginners make the same mistake – simplistic cutting between characters and dialogue, or overusing wide shots.

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How Sound Effects Help You Produce Better Corporate Videos

All videos, across all mediums, struggle against the same enemy: irrelevance. Your greatest fear shouldn’t be that your video is bad, but that nobody cares. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common fate for corporate videos.

The actual manifestation of irrelevance can take many forms. It could look like single digit YouTube views for your new commercial. Or perhaps it’s low engagement rates on the videos for your new training module. Either way, it’s not a good look.

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Your Corporate Video: How to Write A Killer Script!

The most important ingredient in the production of your corporate video is the script. Content is King! If the dialogue is engaging, informative and well structured, then you are half way to a fantastic end product. Here are 6 top tips on how to put together a quality script.

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Exciting Ideas & Rules for Corporate Videos

It’s time for the next video project! You need to finally remove the curtain and place your ideas on the table, right? Well, being the head of the corporate communications department, it is solely on you to come up with an innovative marketing strategy for the audio-visual medium.

It has to be unique as well as effective. While an expert corporate video company can best help you, here are some latest ideas for your project.

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Engage the Audience with an Animated Corporate Video

A good quality corporate animated video has the ability to not just inform but also engage and inspire audiences. Online users get attracted to a more visual spectrum so instead of reading text, they would rather watch a video and learn about what it is that they’re researching about.

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