Your Explainer Video: 5 Reasons You Must Use Professional Video Producers

5 Reasons You Must Use Professional Video Producers
"Any online video with your name on it acts as a shop window for your business."

Putting together an explainer video is a big task. You may want to cut a corner and produce the video yourself. This is the temptation if you want to cut costs, save time or wield soul control over your content output. However, all too often, self-produced explainer videos can prove to be a waste of energy. The fact is, although it looks easy, creating a great explainer video takes expertise, resources and experience. However good your own ability to create video, it will take a professional to really implement the elements that will make it well optimized, keep it in line with current fashions and trends, and ultimately make it a success. Here are five very good reasons to always get a professional on board!

Company Reliability and Image

Any online video with your name on it acts as a shop window for your business. More often than not, your video will be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business; and as we know, first impressions matter! If your video is clunky, uninspiring, completely off brand, or off message, then that will directly translate to the viewer as the sate of your business. It is also very difficult to know exactly what image is being conveyed without an unbiased outside eye. A professional can tell you exactly what image you are projecting; you may find that the video you are proposing/producing does not give off the ethos of your company at all. A professional producers experience is worth its weight in gold!


Resources and Equipment

Professionals have all the gear! You may be able to put together a reasonable video with a good quality camera on your phone and some basic editing software, but when you put it next to the best content the internet has to offer, it’s going to look sub-par in comparison. Professionals will have everything needed to get the job done to a high standard. They will also get the job done much quicker with the right equipment and software, a job that will take you much longer with basic resources. Also consider the connections associated a professional production company. They will have an expert to cover every element and eventuality connected to your project.


High Customer Expectation

As technology improves and production standards rise, the expectation of the viewer also increases. You may have had a situation where you have seen a movie or video that is a few years old. The production values of this video may have been at the pinnacle at the time of making, but now it is likely to look dated. The trends and technologies in video production are constantly evolving; it is impossible to keep up with, and to implement, these unless you are an invested professional.

We have all seen a bad video online. The internet it littered with weak content. Do not continue to clog the web with bad quality video. Instead, hire a professional who is in tune with the latest trends, has the latest information on virility and traction, and who knows exactly what the typical viewer is looking for.


There is a lot of video out there, and a lot of it is very good indeed. To be a cut above the rest, you are going to need all the help you can get. You’ll want access to the latest information, the latest technology and the expertise and experience of the professionals. If your competition is serious, they will have done the same. If you are entering the race, you had better make sure your content is premium and thoroughbred!


Time and Money

A big part of why many are tempted to produce their own videos is to save time and money. The truth is that it doesn’t save either of those things. Video producers are used to working with a budget, there is not a fixed package; they are happy to work within a budget that benefits both parties. Whatever you want to spend, you can guarantee that you will get a much better end product for your investment with a professional. They will know where it is worth spending and where it isn’t, and they don’t have to splash out on equipment and resources as you would have to do.


You may think that adding more people to the mix or putting the project into the hands of others will extend the duration of the process. These guys are highly trained experts who work efficiently; they will take a fraction of the time it takes you to produce a video. They are also very likely to get it right first time; if you produce yourself, you might find that there is a lot you don’t know, and it may take you many attempts to get it right.

On top of all of this, think of the failure risk. Without expertise your video could very easily be a huge flop. It will, therefore, have been a huge waste of your time and money. It is in a video producers interest, and job description, to get it right… your investment is guaranteed to have been worth it!

Jacklyn Chung

Marketing Executive at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
Being part of the Kasra Design family for many years, Jacklyn takes care of the marketing tasks, be it online or offline.