How to Ace Your Internal Corporate Video & 5 Videos That Did It Right

How To Ace Your Internal Corporate Video
"Good content isn't about good storytelling. It's about telling a true story well." - Ann Handley.

We all know how much attention people pay to meetings about administrative matters, or how many people actually bother to read internal memos that aren’t immediately important. There’s a real issue with grabbing attention when it comes to information like this, and it can become an even bigger problem if it’s an important matter. So, how can you get people to listen? Why not try video?

Apart from just being better at catching the eye, the medium offers a way to give a more comprehensive explanation of things due to its mix of audio and visual information. Not to mention, people are far more likely to remember what they’ve watched than what they read. This means that using videos for training or disseminating information yields excellent results. But how do you ensure that you’re getting the most out of that video? Read on for our top tips!

Understand Your Employees

As with all media, tailoring your content for your audience is key to making it memorable. Make sure to keep things professional and present information in a digestible yet relatable manner. Employees are often busy with their duties and don’t have much time to dissect complicated videos, so get straight to the point and avoid technical jargon!

Employee Smiling at Camera

For some videos, however, there might be a specific department that they need to be made for. What the data analysts and the marketing executives need and will understand can be drastically different. If this is the case for your project, make sure to adapt to their expertise and needs.

Internal Corporate Video Confidentiality

If you’re making an internal corporate video, there will almost always be sensitive information that should remain strictly ‘in-house’. It’s essential not to have an unintentional leak—imagine the awkward situation if, say, someone from accounting inadvertently shared company secrets on social media.

To prevent such mishaps, ensure your videos are bolstered with the appropriate privacy settings. Implementing high-quality encryption is not just a precaution; it’s a necessity. Opt for platforms known for their robust security when hosting these videos. Furthermore, as a practical measure, always remind viewers about the confidential nature of the content they’re about to view. It’s a gentle, yet effective way to reinforce the significance of discretion.

Practical Logistics for Employees

it’s essential to strike a balance between engaging content and clear, actionable information. While fluff helps foster a connection, this is still a professional environment and employees both understand and need more specific instructions regarding what you’re talking about. It’s not just about informing — it’s about guiding.

Clearly outline the subsequent steps they should take, provide links to detailed resources, and specify any relevant deadlines. In essence, consider the specialised nature of your audience and don’t leave them guessing about what they need to take away from the video. Ensure that the video offers a clear path forward and eliminates any ambiguities for efficient follow-through.

Incorporate Employee Voices

There’s no better way to show employees that their concerns are being heard than actually having them in the video expressing their comments and questions. There’s an inherent authenticity that comes from hearing firsthand from one’s peers. By including informal chats with colleagues, the content doesn’t just feel like a top-down message and becomes more credible and engaging as a result.

employees having meeting

Furthermore, in a diverse workplace, it’s crucial to represent a wide array of perspectives. Drawing from various departments and roles ensures that the video resonates with a broader audience and highlights the inclusivity and unity of the entire organization. So make a concerted effort to include those employee insights; they’re the key to showing that you care.

Addressing Company Changes and Updates

Introducing a new IT system, or pivoting your business strategy? There’s no better way to notify and inform your employees thoroughly than with a video. Using video as your medium means you can articulate and illustrate complex transitions more effectively than written communications. Through demonstrations and screencasts, employees can visually grasp the intricacies of new systems or understand the nuances of strategic shifts.

Beyond just the ‘how’, it’s also beneficial to address the ‘why’. By providing a clear rationale behind decisions in the video, you can foster transparency and mitigate any potential misconceptions. Moreover, with the visual factor, you can present any pertinent data or information to help your workers better understand the reasons for these changes. In essence, whether you’re running through changes in policy or operations, a comprehensive and explanatory video can be a valuable tool.

Foster a Two-Way Communication Channel

Keeping with the need to ensure that employee concerns are being heard, it’s essential to not let your corporate video become a one-sided dialogue. While the primary purpose might be to disseminate information, the real value lies in fostering engagement.

After presenting a video, consider hosting a dedicated forum or discussion space that allows employees to share insights, provide feedback, or even express concerns. Integrating features like surveys or comment sections directly within or alongside the video platform can offer immediate and invaluable feedback, ensuring the content remains relevant and effective. Remember, fostering an environment where feedback is encouraged not only boosts engagement but also promotes a sense of collective ownership and understanding.

Top 5 Corporate Videos to Spark Your Creativity

If you’re wondering what a good corporate video looks like, this is the section for you. While these aren’t strictly for internal circulation (given the confidentiality of those videos), they’re good examples of the presentation style and informative nature that we discussed.

1) Eagle Builders

High-quality and professional — this is the look that you’ll want to be going for. With shots of various employees and the incorporation of senior management who’ve overseen its growth, it’s a great way to show the company’s story.

2) ServiceNow

Great for the more technical videos, the explainer format of this corporate video makes for a concise yet informative clip. The use of animation adds a fun depth to the video and helps to visualise the possibilities and capabilities of the Metaverse.

3) Shireburn Software

This sort of sit-down video with the head of the company helps to humanise and foster a connection, letting viewers see the man behind the management. Tying in with his speech about the success and growth of the company, it makes for an excellent overview of their story.


With clips and audio from various students weaved throughout the runtime, this video makes it clear that their voices matter. Seeing the faces and hearing the stories humanises and unifies the student body, and it’s a great approach to use for employee videos too!

5) Hireology

One of the biggest concerns for employees and prospective employees is what it’s like to work at a company. What’s the employee culture and work environment like? Well, this video gives real accounts from real employees about how they feel. The spotlight on employees makes the accounts feel genuine, and the little animations add a touch of fun to the entire affair.

In Conclusion

As we’ve discussed, using corporate videos for company updates is a real game-changer. They not only share news but also ensure that everyone is on the same page. From giving in-depth explanations and showing how employee concerns are being addressed, following a few tips can ensure that your video covers it all. It’s all about making sure everyone’s ready to dive into action after watching and improving communication and morale. And it’s all possible with one good video.

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