Top 10 Canadian Video Production Companies

Top 10 Canadian Video Production Companies
"In the heart of Canada, creativity finds its voice through film."

Nowadays, videos in marketing aren’t just a want — it’s a need. With over 80% of Canadian businesses dabbling in content marketing and over 80% of consumers eagerly awaiting that content, it’s clear that videos are a powerful tool in the Canadian market.

But as with any tool, you have to make sure you’re using the good stuff. And well, if you’re looking for the very best video production companies in Canada, we’re here to help. Sometimes you just want that local flair to strike at your key audience. And for those times, this list of companies is sure to come in handy.

How We Picked These Companies

Videos may be king in the realm of online marketing, but that doesn’t mean that just any video will do! To get a great video, you need a great firm, and to find those for you, we looked at 3 key areas: their technical skill, their body of work, and what past clients had to say.

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Using this method, we can verify that these Canadian video companies are employing the best techniques and have the talent to make great videos. We looked beyond flashy sales pitches to the real meat of what they can do.

Top 10 Canadian Video Production Companies

1) Signature Video Group

Signature Video Group has been crafting compelling narratives in Toronto since 2009. And they’re not just a team with cameras, they’re storytellers. Whether you’ve got a clear vision or just the seed of an idea, they can step in at any stage – from scripting to production.

Offering stunning live-action videos, they’ve got the equipment to make excellent videos, even offering aerial cinematography, ensuring that your video stands out.

And judging by their collaborations with heavy-hitters like Microsoft and Snickers, their prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Their accolades from just further speak to their reputation in the industry. If you’re anywhere in Canada (or even worldwide) and need a top-tier video production team, Signature Video Group should definitely be on your radar.

2) Kasra Design©

For a decade now, Kasra Design© has been making waves in the video sector, with notable projects in Canada for companies like Accedian and Cravo.

The extensive portfolio covers everything from captivating live-action to advanced animation techniques. From elegant 2D artistry and eye-catching motion designs to intricate 3D work, they got you covered.

Kasra Design© bagged accolades from the Motion Design Awards, Indigo Design Awards and Los Angeles Animation Festival . The portfolio boasts collaborations with heavyweights like HP, Shell, Petronas, VISA, IATA, Pepsico, PetroChina, Charles River, and more. You can request for a free consultation and video production planning here:

3) Oranje

Nestled in Beauce, Oranje is another strong contender in the Canadian video production landscape. Producing top-notch clips in both English and French, they’re a top pick for firms keen on targeting the French-Canadian market. Whether you’re a local startup or a global giant, Oranje collaborates with businesses of all scales.

Their repertoire spans live-action clips and some engaging 2D animation. With big names like Air Canada and Cascades under their belt, it’s evident they know their craft inside out. If you’re on the lookout for a studio in Canada that can cater to a bilingual audience, Oranje might just be your perfect match.

4) Keywest

With footholds in both Toronto and Ottawa, Key West Productions has been making waves in the video production landscape. They craft customized visual stories that capture your distinct voice and message, tailoring the process right from conception to post-production.

Their offerings are diverse, from gripping live-action shots featuring their in-house talent to 2D and 3D animation. With heavyweights like TikTok and Fox Entertainment in their client list and commendations from, Key West Productions stands as a solid choice for any business looking for a good production house.

5) Six Degrees

With a global presence that spans from Vancouver to South Africa and the Netherlands, Six Degrees is truly an international standout in the realm of video production. They’re a cohesive team of marketing and communications experts, using videos to send messages that resonate with a brand’s key audience. They oversee every aspect, from the brainstorming stages of pre-production to the fine-tuning of post-production.

Their offerings range from captivating live-action shots, including breathtaking drone footage, to eye-catching 2D animations and motion graphics.

And when they’re backed by renowned clients like Heineken and Vodacom, you know you’re looking at top-tier video craftsmanship. Six Degrees is a definite contender for anyone eyeing video production in Canada.

6) VCM Interactive

Boasting over 30 years in the industry, VCM Interactive holds a prominent position in Canada’s video production landscape. With bases in both Mississauga and Toronto, they pride themselves on providing solutions that respect your company’s budget and timelines.

Their commitment to quality and affordability goes hand-in-hand, making them a favorite among many.

As a full-service powerhouse, VCM navigates every stage from pre-production to post-production. Their range of services includes live-action shots, intricate 2D and 3D animations, and dynamic motion graphics. Their impressiveness is further underscored by collaborations with giants like Samsung and Hallmark, proving that they really know their stuff. Truly a reliable choice for any production needs in Canada.

7) Your Story Agency

Spanning over a decade in the industry, Your Story Agency, with its presence in both Vancouver and Toronto, strikes gold with its results-driven style of video marketing.

Their approach is a blend of creativity and logic, reverse-engineering the core messaging behind your business to ensure that every video hits its mark effectively.

The agency’s portfolio boasts a mix of dynamic live-action shots, engaging 2D animations, and sleek motion graphics, catering to diverse client needs. Talent and skills are even more evident in their collaborations with industry titans like Disney and JW Marriott and their accolades from and Upcity. Given their commitment to excellence and effective storytelling, you can trust Your Story Agency to make any vision come to life.

8) Machiavel Studios

Nestled in the vibrant Montréal, Machiavel Studios stands out with their blend of marketing expertise and top-tier video production experience. They offer clients comprehensive turnkey solutions, covering every facet from conception to broadcasting. Whether it’s on-location or in-studio, Machiavel has the equipment and space to make it happen.

With them, you can expect gorgeous live-action shots, sweeping drone footage, and even 2D and 3D animation. Their collaborative ventures with prominent local firms like Front Row Ventures and Métro Média only further establish their foothold in the Canadian video production industry. Whatever your video needs are, Machiavel has the expertise to deliver.

9) Jaymes Cowley Media Co.

Established in Burnaby in 2013, Jayme Cowley Media Co. is not just about video production; it’s about making an impact. Their mission with every video product is to reach new audiences, inspire change, and convey ideas that truly matter.

With a strong emphasis on originality and storytelling, they focus on crafting the full experience.

Whether it’s through compelling live-action sequences, smooth 2D animations, or sleek motion graphics, their work consistently resonates with audiences. Their notable collaborations with industry giants like Google and Toyota further underscore their reputation as a trusted name. If you’re in Canada and are searching for the right video firm, consider Jaymes Cowley Media Co.

10) Origin Films

Stationed in Toronto, Origin Films boasts a dynamic team that melds high-level production techniques with experience. Whether you’re thinking of a punchy commercial, a comprehensive brand marketing campaign, or a sleek product highlight, they’ve got what it takes to do it and do it well.

Whether it’s high-end live-action footage or bouncy 3D animation, you can count on them to make it happen. Their work only continues to impress with collaborations with giants like McDonald’s and Under Armour, and accolades from platforms like Three Best Rated and Upcity. For any video production needs in Canada, Origin Films is a top contender.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s no shortage of Canadian talent when it comes to video production. Whether it’s stunning live-action shots, bright 2D animation, or fluid 3D animation, these firms will get it done with the utmost professionalism and style. So regardless of how complicated or novel your video concept is, you can be sure that these firms can do it.

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