An fun interview based explainer video with isometric animation.


The Client

ServiceNow reached out to us with an intriguing request: to produce a sequence of informative explainer videos featuring their chief innovation officer, Dave Wright discussing various subjects.

They envisioned a unique way to animate these conversations, requesting the use of isometric animation alongside the CIO’s narrative. We were delighted to make this vision a reality, thoroughly enjoying the experience of animating these series.

The Process

We began by making a style-sheet to decide on how the isometric graphics – a type of 3D drawing – would look. We created these graphics to match the client’s branding as well as what was being said in the story.

Stylesheet of animation interview project

Moving to the next step, we drew detailed sketches and made digital plans. These plans showed each scene very clearly, so the client could see them before we started animating. This helped us show the story we wanted to tell and made sure the client knew what to expect. It also let us fix any issues or make changes before we started the actual animation work.

Storyboard of animation interview project

Video Style: Interview + Animation

Client: ServiceNow

Client’s website:

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