Best Isometric 3D Animation Samples in 2023

Best Isometric 3D Animation Samples 2023
"We curated the best 3D isometric examples for your marketing inspiration!"

Have you ever played those cool city-builder games? Or strategy games like Stronghold Crusader or Age of Empires? Isometric animation is just the same. It basically involves building 3D structures on a 2D surface, with the frames viewed from above and to the side, which is why it is often called 2.5D animation.

However, when we talk about “3D isometric animation” specifically, there’s a small twist. Instead of using 2D surfaces, it is created in a completely 3D environment, just with an isometric view angle (using isometric cameras). Although it isn’t super common as 2.5D, its popularity is rapidly increasing in the advertising space and it is consistently used in many explainers right now.

If you are looking forward to utilizing the advertising power of isometric animation in your upcoming video marketing campaign, then keep reading. In this article, we will list the top 11 best isometric 3D, as well as a few 2.5D animations you need to look up in 2023.

So without any ado, let’s jump in!

Best isometric 3D animation samples to check out in 2023

Creativity is subjective. Hence, where one person would absolutely love a piece of art, others won’t as much. The same holds for an animation video. However, this statement loses its effect when we start looking at these videos through the lens of a marketer.

In marketing, a video is judged from many angles, from its explaining ability to its length, versatility, and everything in between. While making these selections, we also judged these videos through that lens, and compiled a list that is surely going to inspire you as you make your own video.

Let’s have a look. 😉

1. Slack // State of Work by Giant Ant

This one’s a straightforward video with no seemingly complex graphics, but still, a stunning show of what isometric animation is all about. While the graphics intrigue the audience, the narration delivers the message. It’s a treat to watch for both professional and non-professional eyes.

2. AB Service • Biomethane

While the last video keeps the animation simple, this one takes a more complex and elaborative route with detailed isometric structures. Although such a video requires more time to make, it significantly lowers overall watch time. This is crucial for an explainer if you are going to use it on multiple platforms.

3. PayPal Ubiquity by Run Kick Shout

This is a series of roughly 15-second animated videos highlighting Paypal’s popularity. Compared to the previous two, this takes the animation and detail to a new level. Each ad is crafted to minute details, with moving characters and complicated structures. Plus, since the clips are short, they can be used on any modern platform, which is one of the many reasons these animated clips are so special.

4. Builder.Ai

An excellent spectacle of 3D animation through an isometric view. This video blends beautiful graphics with a modern touch that effectively drives the main narrative throughout its length. Since it’s an explainer, the length is pushed to its maximum, explaining each point elaborately for the viewers. The story is portrayed in an environment that resembles a factory’s assembly line, where a robot shows users how to build software.

5. Airbnb India – Farah by BUCK

This one’s a lighthearted video with nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to overall design. However, what makes it unique is the quirky script and familiar visuals of the video to its target audience. The video provides all the necessary information to the audience while staying relatable at the same time. The small length is just another thing that makes it excellent for marketing.

6. Bonitasoft by Maggle

While the animation lacks the intensive details and flashiness of our previous mentions, it indeed gives the audience what they need in an explainer- enjoyable, absorbable, and simple information required to make a decision. Although the video appeals to a very selective audience on very selective platforms with less probability of getting viral, it is perfect for someone who is already interested in the product.



This one relies on the same sleek and techy aesthetics. However, what makes it unique is the way it blends 2.5D and 3D animation together. The resulting video is a stellar piece with elaborative information and intriguing visuals that perfectly explains the product’s features and while appealing fully to the target audience. Overall, a decent spectacle of mixed isometric animation with every box checked.

8. Spotify Households by Never Sit Still

Spotify Households is one of the best examples of visual storytelling. Within 30 seconds, it tells us everything that Spotify is about- music for everyone. We see people of different tastes playing different music throughout the 30 seconds length, from solid pop to a 16th-century classical piano. This one is a must-watch for someone in the commercial space working on his visual storytelling skills. The creators totally rocked with the animation, as well as the overall concept!

9. Adobe Make It Titles 2016 by Never Sit Still

Apart from the sophisticated visuals of isometric animation, what lifts up this video is the background music, which synchronizes with the animation, beat by beat. The overall vibe of the video is, as usual, quite techy and modern, with a specific color theme that reflects Adobe’s brand identity. Plus, since it’s an opening title for a conference, the makers have also creatively put the names of individuals involved. But guess what? You will hardly notice those, as the animation will absorb all your attention throughout its length.

10. Back & Forth by 20syl

You know what? Animation isn’t always about creating commercials. Sometimes, you use it to push boundaries, explore your creativity, and make something extraordinary. This video is all about that. Having a length of three minutes, you go through a fantastic show of isometric animation, filled with techy, modern, and abstract aesthetics. What’s even more special is the old-school vibe of the animation that drives you through a nostalgic road. If you love watching stunning animations…for just the sake of it, you will like this one.

11. Shutterstock by simple story videos

This video follows the same approach as the first in the list and features a spherical ball representing the audience. As weird as the concept seems, it effectively follows the whole narrative of the video and represents the average online search behavior of users and how you can leverage it. The video is a fine example of breaking down complex topics to their simplest form through isometric animation.

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