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How to Make a Video Go Viral? 5 Strategies to Consider

There’s no guaranteed way to make a video go viral. Sometimes, it can be a small joke that could take the online world by storm; other times, it could be a well-produced video that would get just a few views. While there’s no guaranteed way of making a video viral, there are a couple of strategies we get to see in all.

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10 Motion Graphics Trends For 2023

Motion graphics has been one of the most consistently used animations in marketing for the past few decades. The uniqueness motion graphics add to conventional marketing videos makes it evergreen. However, what makes it even more effective is its ability to evolve according to the ongoing trends and its appeal to audiences of all ages, fields, and watching habits.

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Top 5 Creative Website Design Ideas for a Startup

A startup has a lot of things to take care of. One of them is to increase their online presence, which is impossible without making a beautiful website. What is a beautiful website? It’s the one that develops decent engagement and drives maximum conversions. If you are thinking about making a website for your startup, check this article right now.

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JSON Animation for Web Design & Why You Should Go For It

Unlike the MP4 and GIF formats that are incredibly bloated and limited by their pixels in terms of image clarity, JSON animation has tiny size and is not affected by pixels. In fact, it doesn’t even use pixels for image formation. Instead, JSON animations are basically made in Adobe After Effects using vectors.

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How to Integrate Video into Your SEO Marketing Strategy

When creating a video SEO marketing strategy, you should consider what video content will work best for your business. Your choice should depend on many factors such as your company’s business type, goals, your position in the market, or the company image you want to build or enhance.

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The Next Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche: NFT

When you are talking about the current affiliate marketing trends, your list of trends wouldn’t be complete until you talk about NFT. NFT has become more than a buzz as it has transformed many people into millionaires. To put in context, monthly NFT sales have gone over $2.5 billion in recent times.

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