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Why Are Video Explainers (Still) Popular?

According to statistics, 90% of customers find short video explainers helpful in making decisions, with videos less than 15 seconds shared 37% more often than longer ones. And as of now, about 95% of businesses are using video explainers (in various styles) as a primary marketing tool.

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Industrial Animation Production – Top 11 Examples

Industrial and construction companies, as well as technical service providers usually face a hard time explaining their solutions to clients who have no background or knowledge in their field. But it is essential to educate their clients in order to sell their products. Industrial animation comes to the rescue.

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Best Animation Studios to Hire in 2021

To make your life easier, we have shortlisted 12 top animation companies that you should check out based on the quality of work, experience in the industry and other capabilities that will lend to the success of your animation. These companies are specialized in producing animated videos, especially for businesses and organizations like yours.

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