Best 3D Explainer Videos To Check in 2024

Best 3D Explainer Videos To Check in 2024

What is a 3D Explainer Video?

A 3D explainer video is like having a chat with your audience, where you break down your complex ideas or show off your product in a way that is easy for everyone to get. Imagine you’re telling a friend about something awesome you’ve discovered. You’d want to keep it simple, right? You focus on why it’s cool or how it could make their life easier, not just throw a bunch of jargon or technical terms their way. That’s the vibe of a good explainer video.

On top of the above, the use of 3D animation adds depth and life to storytelling. It creates a more immersive experience compared to 2D visuals. Especially when it comes to featuring a physical product, you can do it perfectly with a 3D explainer.

Video Selection Criteria

Our Selection Criteria

When we set out to pick the top 3D explainer videos for 2024, we weren’t just looking for pretty pictures. Here’s the scoop on the 3 important criteria we used to make our selections:

Storytelling That Sticks: We searched for videos that told stories in ways that stick with you long after watching. It’s not just about the message but how that message is delivered. The best videos were those that wrapped their message in a story so awesome, you couldn’t help but remember it.

Visual Innovation: 3D animation is already pretty cool but we were on the lookout for videos that pushed the boundaries even further. We favored videos that used innovative animation techniques to bring their stories to life. The type of animation that make you say “Wow, how did they do that?”.

Emotional Connection:  Last but definitely not least, we picked videos that made us feel something. Whether it was a chuckle, a moment of awe or even a tug. Videos that made our list were those that managed to connect with us on an emotional level.

These criteria helped us sort through the sea of content out there to bring you the cream of the crop in 3D explainer videos for 2024.

List of Best 3D Explainer Videos in 2024

To update our previous article about 3D explainer videos, we’ve spent days watching and analyzing works from leading industry studios and handpicked a selection of awesome projects that are made between 2023 and 2024. Here is the list:

1. Mectron – Before and After

The studio behind this fantastic explainer is Rocketpanda Studio. They are an animation studio with a vibrant and playful approach to their projects. They are deeply influenced by a passion for cartoons and video games. Their focus is on creating animated content that ranges from 2D and 3D animation to motion design, with a keen emphasis on art direction and character animation. Their project “Mectron – Before and After” showcases their talent in bringing stories to life through mind-bending animations​​​​​​.

2. Uiflow

Kasra Design created this explainer video for Uiflow, using a blend of 3D and cel animation. This mix highlighted Uiflow’s no-code platform effectively. The project’s unique approach earned it several awards, including the Motion Design Awards. It shows Kasra Design’s ability to simplify rather complex ideas through an interesting visual storytelling.

3. Scottish Gov. Detect Cancer Early

Imagine Studio AKA and Leith creative agency joining forces with the Scottish Government to create something truly special—a 3D explainer video named “Detect Cancer Early ‘Be the Early Bird’.” This isn’t just any video. It’s a heartfelt call to action, urging us to pay attention to early signs of cancer which is encapsulated in a 40-second story that’s both meaningful and touching.

Studio AKA really shines with its creative flair, technical prowess, and storytelling magic. They’ve created gems like “Hey Duggee” and “Lost and Found,” winning hearts and awards like BAFTAs and EMMYs. They can make complex ideas relatable by using superb character animation.

4. Bitkey

Creative Studio worked on a brand film for Bitkey, a self-custody Bitcoin wallet. It is under the creative guidance of designer/director Zachary Corzine. The film’s goal was to make the technology behind Bitkey more approachable, using photographic art direction and visual metaphors. This project showcases Creative Studio’s ability to simplify complex concepts and present them through a lens that emphasizes naturalism and humanity, making the technology not just seen, but felt and understood.

5. Cash App

Jason M. Diaz is a talented Director and 3D Animator-Designer based in Dallas Texas. He created a captivating explainer video for Cash App using bold colors and seamless animations. This draws viewers into the innovative world of a leading mobile payment service.

Cash App is popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. It simplifies financial transactions for over 51 million monthly users. Diaz employed advanced tools such as Cinema4D Redshift and Xparticles to showcase his artistic skills. This reflects Cash App’s dedication to leveraging technology to make financial dealings straightforward and secure.

6. Castrol | Hyspec

Trizz Studio specializes in creative direction, live-action production and direction, concept and design, visual effects, and finishing. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of projects from brands like Castrol, Pantene, and Alienware. Their work shows their strong capability to blend storytelling with high-end visual effects.

The studio’s work on “Castrol | Hyspec” is a notable example, demonstrating their expertise in creating visually captivating content that enhances brand messages through innovative use of technology and creative narratives​.


YETI Pictures is based in Athens, Greece, and stands out for its focus on motion graphics, 3D animation, and art direction. The studio prides itself on blending striking imagery with time, creating memorable visual narratives. They have a portfolio that includes work for high-profile clients, reflecting their ability to craft compelling motion graphics and animations that leave a lasting impression​.

8. Frontify

This masterpiece is made by WeAreSeventeen Studio. This studio is recognized for its innovative approach in the world of 3D and 2D motion design. They are actively pushing the boundaries of creativity in moving images. They also pride themselves on a process steeped in experimentation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to decency. Their primary aim is to produce content that not only stands out but also fosters a positive work culture and client relationships.


Panoply Studio is recognized for its inventive approach, combining beauty and purpose in its projects. They’ve worked on a diverse array of high-profile collaborations, including projects for Seattle Sounders FC, ESPN’s NBA Finals, and Marvel Studios’ Quantumania. Their project “Derealisation” showcases their capacity to blend creative storytelling with striking visual effects, emphasizing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital art and animation​​.

10. HELFARE Hydro 2.5L Jacket

Inertia Studios is a creative hub specializing in film, motion, and 3D imagery, tailored for forward-thinking brands. They stand out for their innovative approach in Inertia Labs, focusing on the cutting edge of 3D outdoor, Realtime and augmented experiences. This blend of creativity and technological exploration defines their unique space in the industry.

11. BAUME & MERCIER / Moonphase

I-reel Studio is a creative digital agency with a strong focus on luxury brand communication and advertising. Over its 25-year history, I-reel has built long-lasting relationships with its clients by producing films, still images, websites, and interactive applications that embody elegance and innovation. They boast a prestigious clientele, including high-profile names in the luxury sector, showcasing their expertise in crafting visually stunning and conceptually rich digital content​.

12. Microsoft – One Drive AppStore

Introducing the studio behind this amazing work. Not Real Studio is a Buenos Aires and Madrid-based creative studio excelling in art direction, CGI, and animation. They’re known for their design-driven approach, working on projects that include UX films for Microsoft Office and campaign videos for eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee for Handbags. Their portfolio reflects a strong command over digital artistry, blending innovative design with cutting-edge animation techniques​.

2024: The Year of Innovation

Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect AI’s role in video production and explainer videos to expand even further. With AI models becoming more sophisticated, there’s potential for longer, more coherent video content that can be generated faster and more cost-effectively.

This could democratize video production, making high-quality 3D explainer videos accessible to a wider range of creators and businesses. I don’t believe it will replace a 3D animation production team but will complement their workflow and making it more efficient. It will allow them to achieve a lot more in less time.

Final Sequence

To be honest, it’s clear that 3D explainer videos have made a special place in the digital world today. They’re not just some extra marketing tools to get a message across. They’re pieces of art that flaunt the creativity and skill of the studios that created them. The videos that truly shine are those that do a lot more than just deliver a message. They make a lasting impression on the viewers with their visual artistry and special effects.

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