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Top 10 Illustration Trends in 2023

The world of art is vast and varied. While no style is universally best, each has its unique appeal. From isometric designs that highlight technical aspects to abstract art that captures emotions, the top 10 illustration trends of 2023 cater to diverse needs, ensuring your artwork remains distinctive and relevant.

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Top 10 British Animation Festivals in 2023

The UK is a hotspot for animation festivals, attracting animation enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether you’re a gifted team seeking recognition or someone who appreciates captivating animated artistry, Britain has plenty to offer. Dive in as we guide you through the top UK’s animation festivals!

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Top 10 Voice-Over Artists to Hire in 2023

There is no shortage of talent when it comes to the voiceover industry. With a variety of accents, genders, and even languages on offer in this list, there’s sure to be an artist for the project you have in mind. And with their impressive track record and equipment, you’ll be getting all the quality with none of the compromise.

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Top 10 US-Based Explainer Video Companies in 2023

Surveying the landscape of explainer video companies, there’s undeniable US talent shining through. These American firms impress with their expertise, notable projects and glowing client feedback. When they tick all these boxes, they can craft your video vision perfectly. Thinking of a video? Look to these US trailblazers!

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Top 10 UK-Based Explainer Video Companies in 2023

Navigating the UK’s explainer video market reveals many top-tier choices that deserve attention. Among the 10 companies we highlight, standout factors such as their strong skills, innovative approaches, impressive portfolios, and glowing client feedback truly differentiate them from the rest.

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Top 10 Australian Video Production Companies

When searching for Australia’s leading video production companies, we paid attention to essential technical and creative features. Firms renowned for outstanding storytelling, making complex topics accessible, and providing superior video quality were given priority. All these factors play a critical role in assessing a company’s ability to bring your ideas to life.

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Top 10 Video Ads in 2023

We’ve explored plenty of lists spotlighting the top videos in various categories, but how do we define the true cream of the crop? By examining aspects such as content quality, creativity, and influence, we’ve identified the top 10 Video Ads that really made an impression on us.

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How To Make YouTube Video Thumbnails That Get Clicks

Overlay bold legible text that complements the image but doesn’t overcrowd it. Emphasize facial expressions or action shots as they’re naturally attention-grabbing. Contrast and bright colors can make your thumbnail pop but always ensure it’s representative of the video’s content. Remember your thumbnail is your video’s first impression so make it count!

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