The Best Illustration Companies of 2023

The Best Illustration Companies of 2023
"The beauty of an illustration lies not in its aesthetic alone but in its ability to communicate complex ideas simply."

In the world of branding and professional imagery, catching the right vibe can make all the difference. And 2023 has truly outdone itself with some seriously talented illustration companies rising to the fore. If you’re on the hunt for top-notch visuals to elevate your brand’s game, we’ve got you covered.

Collage Style illustration

Scouring the industry, we’re here to bring you a line-up of the top illustration firms of this year. These are the folks creating visuals that don’t just look good, but hit the mark and connect with your audience. Dive in, and maybe you’ll find the perfect match for your next big project.

How Can You Use Illustrations?

Before deciding which company to go with, you first need to know what you’re trying to do. Illustrations can serve a large variety of purposes, each with their own distinct set of requirements.

Commercial Illustration

In the commercial realm, visuals can be everything. Commercial illustrations can range from logos that lay the foundation for a brand’s identity to the captivating visuals that make advertisements so powerful. These are the illustrations that will be seen by the public, so following the principles of design to make something that is both compelling and in line with the message you want is key.

Commercial Art Example

Credit: RSWebCreator

Concept Illustration

Sometimes words just aren’t enough, and concept art can help bring an idea to life better than the best description out there. Concept art is where visions take form. These range from the preliminary sketches of cinematic film and animation, basic renderings that set the stage for video game worlds, and the initial blueprints of innovative product designs. Concept art makes the abstract tangible, and thus serves to smooth out communication for stakeholders and creators alike.

Beautiful Concept Art

Credit: Bobyana


This is like concept art, but for clothing. Illustrations in fashion give the shape and basic design of each garment. They work hand in hand with trend forecasters to visualise the next big thing, assist designers in transforming drapes and silhouettes into real-world garments, and add an artistic flair that elevates the fashion world.

Fashion Art Sample

Credit: Olga Rodzik

Comic Book

Comic book illustrations are vivid and marked by dynamic panels, bold colours, and characters that brim with emotion. Perfectly tailored for serialized storytelling and graphic novels with its blend of exaggeration and detail, this style offers an engaging platform for narratives and a touch of nostalgia when used in promotional materials.

Comic Book Illustration Sample

Credit: Paiheme


The playful essence of caricature art lies in its exaggerated portrayal of familiar features, often with humour or satire. This light-hearted vibe makes it a favourite for commercial advertisements (based on the brand) and editorial cartoons. It’s a go-to for those keen on a blend of wit and observation.

Caricature Ilustration

Credit: Dave Armstrong


Want to amaze with attention to detail? Realism captures subjects with astonishing accuracy and skill. Whether you’re going for precision or for the classic appeal, this style can really shine in editorial work, advertising, and even technical diagrams.

Realism Illustration Nice

Credit: Lara Laas


With roots in Japan, anime illustration captivates with its colourful graphics, expressive eyes, and imaginative themes. Suited for animated series, manga, and themed merchandise, its range—from the detailed to the minimalistic—offers a vibrant canvas for tales and character designs.

Anime Artwork

Credit: Cyno

Line Art

Embracing simplicity, line art is defined by its distinct lines against a stark backdrop. Its straightforward charm shines in applications like technical drawings, logos, and minimalist art pieces, making it a versatile choice for various needs.

Line Art Illustration


Pixel Art

Speaking of nostalgia, pixel art harkens back to early computer graphics, with the low resolutions demanding creativity in making visual representations. Whether it’s for retro video games, digital icons, or ads that play on the retro appeal, the 8-bit aesthetic should not be underestimated.

Pixel Illustration Example

Credit: Jonas Strandell

Flat Illustrations

Characterized by simplicity, flat illustrations are two-dimensional designs that don’t engage in shadows, depth, or texture.

Flat Illustration By Kasra Design Studio

Using bold colours and straightforward visuals, this style captures the very essence of a message so it’s understood loud and clear. Ideal for web and app interfaces, infographics, and modern branding, these illustrations are clean and user-friendly, making them a popular choice when seeking a contemporary feel.

Best Illustration Companies of 2023

Now, that you’ve deduced what you need this illustration for and how you need it done, it’s time to find out who you’ll be getting to bring it to life.

1) Folio

Founded in London back in 1976, Folio Illustration Agency has grown from its British roots to make a mark on the global stage. They’ve got an impressive roster of illustrators and animators, each adding their voice to the agency’s diverse portfolio. From crisp vector illustrations and detailed botanical drawings to isometric visuals, they’ve definitely got range. Folio dabbles in both traditional and modern mediums, offering everything from timeless oil paintings to dynamic GIFs and insightful infographics. If in need of top-tier artistry, Folio is a name that should be on your radar.

2) Kasra Design©

Coming on to the scene in 2011, Kasra Design© has since spread to the global hubs of Singapore, Malaysia, and the US. It’s a video and illustration powerhouse, boasting captivating visuals that leave an impression.

Kasra Design Professional Illustration Detailed

Whether you’re looking for sleek 3D visuals, a charming anime style, or a playful cartoon, our talented team has the artistry to bring any style to life — regardless of your niche. From the world of medicine to the tech landscape, this team can make the perfect illustration for any need.

3) Stink Studios

Starting in 2009, Stink Studios quickly expanded from London’s streets to the vibrant cities of New York and Los Angeles. They intertwine brands with culture using a blend of innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and audacious ideas. They specialise in creative advertising and digital experiences, and use that expertise to craft illustrations and designs tailored to the needs of every brand. With their unique perspective, expect engaging, standout content that strikes right at its target audience. In a world where everyone’s bombarded with ads and content, Stink Studios ensures that their illustrations are not just seen, but remembered.

4) Phosphor Art

Phosphor Art’s story begins all the way back in 1979. This London-based firm has been crafting visuals for advertising, publishing, and the media for decades. They represent a handpicked ensemble of some of the finest artists and illustrators out there, offering both illustrations and dynamic animations for any needs. And when it comes to styles, they’ve got quite the spread to choose from. From some modern line art to nostalgic retro classics, Phosphor Art’s got you covered. But their expertise doesn’t stop at static art. For brands seeking standout visuals, Phosphor Art is a firm you can rely on.

5) The Nikki M Group

Nestled in the vibrant city of Melbourne, the Nikki M Group has been making its mark since 1997. This is an award-winning design studio with a team of artists just bursting with talent. They’ve got quite a number of styles on offer, encompassing everything from whimsical cartoons to evocative Aboriginal Australian art. The Nikki M Group’s stunning work spans the realms of illustration and graphic design, catering to diverse needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for an eye-catching book cover, captivating educational content, or visuals for advertising, you can count on them. The Nikki M Group’s blend of creativity and expertise makes them a go-to for designs of all kinds.

6) Saxton Studio

Set in Sedona, Arizona, Saxton Studio stands as a firm of creativity and passion. At its heart is Patricia Saxton, an award-winning fine artist and illustrator, whose talent and vision define the studio’s essence. Patricia’s illustrations are a fusion of artistry and technique, intertwining traditional mediums like pencil, pen & ink, and oil paint with the modern flair of Adobe Creative Suite. Specialising in organic-looking visuals, every piece is made with the experience and passion that Patricia has for her craft. For those in search of authentic artistry that resonates, consider Saxton Studio.

7) Studio DBC

In the bustling streets of New York City lies Studio DBC, a firm of brand strategy and design brilliance. This is where strategy meets artistry. Whether you’ve got a brand aesthetic in mind or you’re starting from scratch, Studio DBC crafts illustrations in a myriad of styles, tailored to every brand’s essence. There’s no question when it comes to their versatility either, with a spectrum of industries represented in their portfolio. From the professional world of finance to the high-energy realm of sports, they’ve got the skills to make an illustration perfect for any use. When it’s about making a brand statement that stands out and speaks volumes, Studio DBC is the one to go to.

8) Inky Illustration

From its headquarters in Tipton in the UK, Inky Illustration Agency represents artists from every corner of the globe. They pride themselves on having the best-in-class illustrators, each bringing a unique take to the table. Whether you’re in the market for a 3D visual, a nostalgic retro piece, a sleek vector design, or something entirely different, they’ve got an artist who can get it done. The services their artists offer range from character designs and product visuals to intricate conceptual illustrations. No matter what kind of illustration you need, you can be sure to get it done with Inky Illustration.

9) Viva And Co.

From the hub of Toronto comes Viva & Co., an independent branding and design agency with a flair for creativity. They’re not just about making things look good; they’re about crafting visuals that resonate and drive results. Where they excel is in the tailoring of their work, producing illustrations in a myriad of styles to align with every brand they collaborate with. This marketing-centric approach is what sets them apart. For businesses aiming to merge the aesthetic with the strategic, Viva & Co. stands as a go-to choice in the realm of design and branding.

10) A2 Design Lab

Based in Quezon City, Philippines, A2 Design Lab offers innovative branding and design consultancy. Specialising in creative development, illustrations come as just one part of their extensive design repertoire. With over two decades of experience under their belt, they use this expertise to ensure that every part of their work hits the mark. Whether you’re a start-up taking its first steps or an established enterprise seeking a refreshed look, A2 Design Lab’s legacy ensures they have the know-how to create illustrations perfect for your business’ needs.

It’s a Wrap!

In today’s fast-paced world, a good visual speaks volumes. Whether it’s a captivating advertisement or a technical design, illustrations can make or break a project. Knowing what type of illustration to do and what style it should be comes with experience, and the companies we’ve listed here show just how powerful the right image or video can be. As we keep moving forward in this digital age, great design isn’t just nice to have—it’s a must-have.

In Need Of Awesome Illustrations?

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