Top 10 Voice-Over Artists to Hire in 2023

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"A voice is a human gift. It should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible." – Margaret Atwood

Explainer videos rising popularity and flexibility are plain to see. But it comes with one challenge — finding the right voice-over. While live-action footage typically has a recording of the voices and environment (the quality of which depends on the equipment), for animation, you have to add that in yourself.

And when it comes to voice overs, you want a real pro who can articulate the dialogue or narration clearly yet memorably. Well, if you’re on the hunt for just that, you’re in luck. This is our list of 10 killer voice-over artists who can handle any project you need them for.


Of course, we’re not just throwing in anyone with a voice and a microphone. When curating this list of artists, we took a few different things into account. We kept a look out for artists who’re deeply familiar with voice-over work and have been in the industry for quite a few years.

We also took a look at their past work, studying the feedback and having a listen to their different samples to separate the reliable professionals from the rest. Lastly, we considered the equipment they were working with. We also included some of the best artists that we (as an explainer video company) worked with over the years.

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Top 10 Voice-Over Artists in 2023:

1) Mark Stephenson

Hailing from the United Kingdom, and with the classic British accent that we all know and love, is Mark Stephenson. With more than 10 years of experience in the voice-over industry and a home studio with a Neumann u87ai mic, he delivers quality every time. His portfolio of work spans advertising, explainer videos, and more, and includes collaborations with big companies like Microsoft and NBC. If you’re looking for a male British voice, Mark Stephenson’s a choice pick.

2) Amanda Sellers

Want a friendly American voice? You can’t go wrong with Amanda Sellers. Having been a voice-over artist for 8 years and with her background in theatre, Sellers has work that spans various industries, featuring in infomercials and even dramatic game trailers. Some of her esteemed clientele include Samsung, Burger King, and GAP — so you can be sure that she brings both skill and flexibility.

3) Mike Schurko

Next up is a Canadian voice actor with over 10 years in the industry — Mike Schurko. With a relaxed, everyday-man cadence, his voice is extremely versatile and has landed him jobs across industries. Think commercials from tech companies to documentary-style voice overs. His remarkable skill as both a voice-actor and an audio engineer has netted him work with giants such as Facebook and Home Depot.

4) Shawn Motes

Another American voice actor, Shawn Motes boasts more than 15 years in the voice-over industry. His home studio is soundproofed and equipped with a Neumann TLM 103 Microphone, so his smooth, down-to-earth tone is captured perfectly. His versatile voice works well across a variety of voice-over work and industries, with commercials, explainers, and even character acting on his page. And with big companies like the Hilton and Toyota in his portfolio, it’s safe to say you’ll be in good hands.

5) Max Goldberg

With 20 years doing voice-over work, you can’t find a more reliable person for the job when it comes to American male voices. Max Goldberg’s voice is nothing short of versatile, bringing a low raspy tone or a higher friendlier one when needed. He’s done all sorts of work, from commercial voice-overs to narration for reality TV shows. Some of these esteemed clients include Honda and Dell, so you can trust that you’re in good company.

6) Emma Topping

Emma is an award-winning British female voice-over artist with over two decades of experience in the radio, TV and communications industry. She possesses a voice that naturally leans towards warm, friendly and approachable tones. Her voice brings a depth of authenticity to any brand she collaborates with.

Her journey spans many years where she has continually honed her skills to perfection, investing not only in her craft but also in high-quality equipment that guarantees broadcast standard audio every time. It is not just her voice that stands out but also her professionalism in handling clients.

7) Ed Bretten

If you’re after that British flair, Ed Bretten’s another choice pick. His crisp, friendly voice lends well to a range of different voice-over work, including but not limited to commercials, explainer videos, and even short documentary-style clips. With over 10 years in the business, he’s collaborated with companies from across the globe, including Amazon and Qatar Airways. With such a resume, he’s a tough choice to beat.

8) Erin Yeaman

An experienced voice-over artist, Erin Yeaman carries a warm, feminine American voice for anyone in need of one. She does her magic in a home studio equipped with a Shure SM7B microphone, with quick turnover times to boot. Erin delves into a variety of voice-over styles, including commercial, animation, and corporate narration, so you can trust her with just about any type of project.

9) Matthew Chan

If you’d like a higher-pitched American male voice, Matthew Chan might be the artist for you. An experienced audio engineer with a great voice to boot, his home studio is equipped with an Audio Technica 4033 microphone and a FocusRite Clarett interface for optimum quality. His voice is well-suited for work for commercials and narration, and his flexible pitch means that he can perform for both adult and teenage-sounding roles. If you’re going for a younger vibe, consider Matthew Chan.

10) Beth Deehan

Simple, direct and genuine. If you value these qualities, Beth is ready to collaborate on your project. She can help craft narratives that entertain, educate, inspire, or reassure. Her goal is to facilitate a natural connection between your message and your audience.

Beth Deehan has experience with commercials, corporate presentations, eLearning modules, podcasts and automated phone systems. Her adaptability and authenticity could be the perfect match for your project needs.

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