Top 10 Australian Video Production Companies

Top 10 Australian Video Production Companies
"Australia's top video companies are transforming ideas into visual masterpieces."

It’s no secret that you need amazing videos to stand out these days. From stunning live-action footage to fluid 3D animations, good video content is absolutely devouring the marketing sphere. And while the biggest names in video production may have the skill to make great videos, you need that local touch to really hit your target audience. Well, this one’s for the Australians among us. Looking for a video company that both knows what resonates with your Australian audience and is able to make your vision a stunning video? Here’s a list of our favourite video production companies down under!

How We Picked These Companies


Some things to note when looking for Australia’s premier video production companies were the key technical and creative attributes. We prioritised firms known for exceptional storytelling, simplifying intricate subjects, and delivering top-notch video quality. These elements are all essential in determining how well a video company can execute your ideas.


You’ve likely heard that “a picture paints a thousand words,” and for videos, that adage holds even more weight. A company can claim excellence, but the real proof is in its work. We explored the portfolios of various Australian firms, searching for those with both a broad and impressive range of videos.


It’s only natural for a company to try to sell itself, but to see if they’re the real deal, we need to look at customer feedback. We carefully examined testimonials, identifying companies that consistently receive high marks for creativity, professionalism, and effectiveness. This is how you can sniff out how well a company does at factors that might otherwise be overlooked, such as how communicative and flexible a company is throughout the creative process.

Top 10 Australian Video Production Companies

1) Culture Shock

Culture Shock, a video marketing team based in Australia, focuses on driving change through storytelling. Their specialisation lies in the sectors of health, education, and multicultural marketing. With an emphasis on creating human stories that connect with audiences, their videos can really foster a relationship between a brand and its audience. And they work within various budget constraints, so it won’t be hard on the wallet either.

Producing live-action and 2D animated videos, their portfolio includes collaboration with both local and international entities such as the Victorian Women’s Trust and Ora Organics. This range of work, coupled with their ability to adapt to different budget requirements, establishes Culture Shock as an absolutely solid choice for video production in Australia.

2) Kasra Design©

With over a decade of experience, Kasra Design© has established a significant presence in the international video-making industry for itself, as well as a strong footprint in the Australian market. Their offerings extend beyond live-action to include a wide array of animated videos, encompassing stylized 2D videos, motion graphics, and 3D animations in both realistic and whimsical styles. This flexibility means that they can craft videos of any kind, tailored to any style.

Having worked with prominent companies such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, JXL, Divvy, and Chill, the quality of their work and their familiarity with Australian audiences stands clear. Their sheer talent and attention to detail have gotten them attention from esteemed events like the Motion Design Awards and Indigo Design Awards, further highlighting what they can do. If you need a video made, regardless of what kind, you can’t go wrong with Kasra Design.

3) Lumapixel

Lumapixel, a Sydney-based creative production agency, offers an extensive array of technical and creative video production and photography services. With wide-ranging experience that encompasses various technologies, sectors, and formats, you can trust that they’ll be able to adapt to whatever you need.

While they primarily focus on live-action video creation, they’re also experts in crafting motion graphics and 2D animations. Their collaborations with renowned brands like Harper Collins and Hilton Hotel further highlight their talent as a video production agency in Australia.

4) Global Pictures

Global Pictures, established in 2007, brings together professionals from across Australia to craft compelling brand stories. Their approach emphasises careful management and meticulous attention to detail, and they make sure to give you the very best given your budget and expectations.

While most of their videos are live-action, Global Pictures also offers expertise in 2D, 3D, and hybrid animation videos, so you can count on them for videos of every kind. Their collaboration with well-known brands such as Lowes and Toyota showcases their ability to cater to diverse industry needs and thus shows that they’re one you can come to for any sort of video.

5) Story Machine

With over a decade of experience and an impressive portfolio of more than 3,000 assets, Story Machine has garnered a strong presence in Australia’s video production industry. Specialising in short-format commercial storytelling, their expertise covers various platforms such as TV commercials, online commercials, IG Stories, and TikTok videos.

While Story Machine itself focuses on live-action, animation and design are also offered via their affiliated animation and design studio, Fox and Co. This collaborative structure allows them to offer a diverse range of services to meet client needs. Having worked with prominent brands like Audi and Samsung, Story Machine’s track record speaks to their ability to bring visions to life, delivering quality and creativity.

6) Pixel3

Pixel3, situated in Melbourne, Australia, stands as a full-service video production company that provides end-to-end services tailored to meet various needs. With an eye on efficiency, Pixel3 aims to inspire, educate, and engage audiences without exceeding budget constraints.

Their offerings include both live-action and 2D animations, allowing for a diverse array of video types such as explainers, animations, and event videos. Their portfolio showcases collaborations with renowned entities such as Microsoft and the Bank of Melbourne, underlining their commitment to quality and creative excellence. Whether it’s simplifying a complex concept or capturing the essence of an event, Pixel3’s services cater to a wide spectrum of industries and requirements.

7) Chuck Media

Chuck Media, a full-service video and film agency in Australia, is well-equipped to convey any message to any audience. With an all-in-one in-house crew that takes care of everything from scouting locations to casting, shooting, and post-production, they’ve made it so you can kick back with no worries. Whether it’s visual effects, licensing music, colour-grading, or promoting, Chuck Media handles it all.

Their work with noteworthy clients like The Guardian and the Sydney Opera House just further speaks to the quality of their work. If you want a comprehensive video that captivates your target audience, Chuck Media can get it done.

8) Frankie Films

Frankie Films, stationed in Adelaide, is a multifaceted video production company offering a wide variety of services. From promotional videos and short documentaries to animation and motion graphics, their portfolio is as diverse as it is impressive. Equipped with the latest in cinematic cameras, time-lapse technology, drones, and even live-streaming capabilities, they are prepared to tackle any filming challenge you’ve got for them.

Their expertise in both 2D and 3D animation, coupled with motion graphics, allows them to excel at making any video. Some of their notable collaborations include projects with Tourism Australia and Le Cordon Bleu, demonstrating their capacity to produce high-quality videos across various sectors. Between the flexibility and its track record, Frankie Films has proven to be one to look out for when making videos in Australia.

9) Motionlab Studio

Motionlab Studio, an animation studio situated in Sydney, Australia, is committed to crafting animated videos that engage, inform, and inspire audiences. Through creativity and uncompromising quality, they endeavour to meet unique client needs, regardless of budget or deadline constraints.

Their services include an impressive array of animation styles, such as motion graphics, character animation, and both 2D and 3D animation, reflecting a versatile and innovative approach. Collaborations with governmental agencies like Sydney Trains and well-known Australian companies like NiB, as well as acknowledgements by the Animations and Effects Awards Festival (AEAF), truly make them stand out in the Australian animation industry.

10) Angus Ashton Film

Angus Ashton Film, with offices in both Melbourne and Hobart, has been a driving force in the Australian video production scene since 2010. Committed to crafting effective and engaging video content, they’ve aided hundreds of domestic businesses and brands. Specialising in promotional, brand, and corporate videos, their story-driven approach ensures films that truly resonate with viewers. Whether it’s a full end-to-end solution or standalone production services, they’ve got you covered, and it won’t hurt the wallet either!

They make all sorts of videos including brand, corporate, and event videos, all executed exclusively in stunning live-action. Their collaborations with major brands like Honda and Deloitte, as well as their recognition by as one of Australia’s top video production companies, means that Angus Ashton is a sure bet if you need a video made in Australia!

In Summary

With just a quick gander at this list, the talent within our shores is undeniable. These homegrown companies have distinguished themselves through their technical expertise, diverse portfolios, and glowing customer feedback. Regardless of what vision you have in mind, you can trust them to bring your vision to life. So, if you’re Down Under and find yourself needing a killer video, it’s time to reach out to these Australian video companies!

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