Top 10 UK-Based Explainer Video Companies in 2023

Top 10 UK-Based Explainer Video Companies
"Unraveling UK's Best. Dive Deep into Top Explainer Video Companies!"

The power of a good explainer video is common knowledge when it comes to marketing nowadays. Between their attention-stealing visuals and their approachable breakdowns of complex topics, it’s hard to go wrong with having one. But of course, you can’t just get just any video production company off the block to do it. You’ve gotta do it right!

If you’re in the United Kingdom and find yourself shopping around for a good firm to make one for you, we’ve got just the list for you.

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How We Picked These Companies


When scouting for the very best British explainer video companies, specific technical and creative traits stood out. We zeroed in on companies celebrated for their unmatched storytelling capabilities, experience and their knack for breaking down complex themes. These are all markers of a company’s ability to make a killer explainer video for any topic.


There’s no point relying on buzzword-filled pitches to get an idea of what a company can do. While it’s a company’s job to sell itself, it’s your (and in this case, our) job to make sure they’re up to snuff. To do this, we delved deep into the portfolios of numerous British entities, hunting for those that showcase a diverse and standout range of productions.


While companies naturally showcase their best side, it’s the words of their clients that really give you the full picture. To do our due diligence, we dug through client reviews, pinpointing firms that consistently earned praise for their creativity, commitment to professionalism, and tangible results. This helped pull back the curtain on how each of these companies really performed and shed light on their relationship with the client throughout the process.

Top 10 UK-Based Explainer Video Companies

1) Curveball

For over a decade, Curveball Media has been a go-to for impactful film and animated content. They’re absolute pros at breaking down big ideas into simpler yet equally fascinating videos. If you’re concerned about the finer details they prioritize true collaboration. They work closely with clients to pinpoint the best creative direction for each brand.

With a wide range of services, from live-action to various animation styles, they offer versatile solutions for any explainer video work you might need. Their work with major brands like Volvo and Adobe lets you know that their work is one you can count on, and their accolades from the Telly Awards and CIPR Excellence Award underscore their industry excellence.

2) Kasra Design©

In the world of video production, there are few that do it like Kasra Design does. With its vast international acclaim, this talented firm has had many collaborations with companies in the UK. Their expansive portfolio isn’t just limited to live-action; it spans from intricate motion graphics and stylised 2D visuals to both grounded and imaginative 3D animations.

Their collaboration roster, featuring notable British brands, speaks volumes about the quality and adaptability in videos targeted at local audiences despite their international status. And this good work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Accolades from renowned platforms like the Motion Design Awards and Indigo Design Awards further cement their reputation.

You can contact the team here:

3) Animade

Animade is a group of creative individuals united by a shared mission to infuse the world with more character. Whatever the objective of one’s campaign they aim to evoke emotions in those who encounter it. Be it tugging at heartstrings resonating with a specific audience or eliciting a smile they can guide any project in the desired direction.

Brands that aspire to inspire entertain or sprinkle wonder into daily life should consider a conversation with them.

More than a decade ago, they began as a trio with grand aspirations and an abundance of passion. Since those early days, they have evolved into a globally respected studio that offers a comprehensive suite of design and production services. Their range spans from digital OOH for prominent brands to vibrant, fully-realized social media campaigns.

4) Vermillion Films

Vermillion Films is a top-notch video production crew that’s great at what they do. They make all sorts of content – from TV ads and company videos to cool branded animations, not just in the UK but globally too. While they’ve got a wide array of videos that they can make, their explainer videos are nothing short of excellent.

Whether it’s sports, railways, farming, or energy, they’ve got the expertise. Whether you need live-action, 2D animations, and even a hybrid for your explainer video, they’ve got the skills to make it happen.

5) Synima

With an office in London, Synima’s one of the best creative agencies known for its standout videos and animations. They handle everything, right from the brainstorming sessions to the final touches in post-production. They’re experts at designing custom learning experiences for any platform or style.

They’re professionals at 2D, 3D, hand-drawn, and even stop-motion animations, not to mention their live-action skills. What that means is that there’s nothing stopping them from making whatever explainer video you have in mind. Having worked with big names like the BBC and J.P. Morgan, and bagging awards like the Telly and Muse Creative, Synima’s definitely at the top of their game.

6) Ideal Insight

Ideal Insight is a standout video production house in London, known for their gripping content and top-notch social campaigns. While they offer a wide range of services including amazing company videos for marketing campaigns, they’re absolute whizzes at making short animations that break down products and services.

When it comes to explainer videos and others, they’ve got experience in everything from food and beverage to fashion. With a mix of live-action, 2D, 3D animations, and cool motion graphics, Ideal Insight ensures every video is a hit. This sentiment is only echoed by their work with prominent institutions like the United Nations and American Eagle, so you know you’re in safe hands with Ideal Insight.

7) MHFcreative

MHF creative, right out of London, is all about adding that personal touch to videos that could otherwise come off corporate or complicated. They’re big believers in the ‘keep it simple’ mantra, so no need to worry about any flashy gimmicks or confusing jargon in your explainer video.

Their broad range of services covers live-action production along with both 2D and 3D product videos. It proves that they’ve got the versatility for any project. Their commitment to genuine storytelling is further evident in their collaborations with recognizable names such as Etsy and Expedia. If you seek a genuine, relatable touch for your explainer videos, MHF creative offers an approach grounded that you might be looking for.

8) Topline Film

TopLine Film, a powerhouse in the London video production scene, is all about making content that sticks. Their videos? More than just eye-catching – they’re lead magnets, trendsetters, and conversion boosters. This means that they generate leads, set viral trends, and significantly boost landing page conversions.

With a crew of savvy artists and strategists, they’re great at churning out both animated and live-action explainers that truly hit the mark. Dabbling in everything from 2D and 3D to the cool realm of VR, their work has earned them collaborations with big shots like Sony and Johnson & Johnson. So, if you’re after standout explainer videos, TopLine Film’s got your back!

9) Collby Graphics

Another firm from the city of London, Collby Graphics is a top-tier animation hub, whipping up killer videos for the bold startups and the big leagues alike. Got a tricky topic or some techy jargon? That’s no issue. Their hallmark lies in transforming intricate topics and advanced technical solutions into an easy-to-digest animated tale.

Whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, video infographics, or engaging doodle videos, they have a flair for crafting explainer videos of all sorts with style. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with prestigious names like Stanford University and Just AI, Collby Graphics is a go-to for businesses seeking clarity and professionalism in animated videos.

10) Moreever

Based in Brighton, Morever is the creative powerhouse you’ll want to call upon for compelling explainer videos. They’ve got a knack for spinning emotional tales, something they’ve honed with their extensive collaborations with charity organisations.

They’ve got experience using both live-action and 2D/3D animation to make stories pop, so the sky’s the limit when you’re working with them. Their work speaks for itself, with standout collaborations with organisations like the British Red Cross and the RSPCA under their belt, and accolades from the Charity Film Awards and Third Sector Awards.

Wrapping Up

Navigating the vibrant landscape of the UK’s explainer video agencies, one thing’s certain: you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. Out of all the 10 companies we’ve listed, what made them stand out were their top-notch expertise, show-stopping portfolios, and the high praise they get from their clientele.

And if they’ve knocked it out of the park in all these departments, they’re sure to be a solid choice for translating your vision into a killer explainer video. Eyeing a video project in the UK? Don’t miss out on these talented firms!

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There’s One Choice You Can’t Go Wrong With

And that’s Kasra Design©. If there’s one thing we do well, it’s explainer videos. Whether it’s animated or live-action, we’ve got you sorted. So if you’re in the UK, or anywhere around the world, and you find yourself in need of a great video to break down a complex topic, reach out to us at