Top 10 Video Ads in 2023

Top 10 Video Ads in 2023 Curated Kasra Design
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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that we talk a lot about videos. Like, a lot. Between discussing specific techniques and pondering AI-generated animation, we’ve spoken about the dos-and-don’ts countless times. But what are the videos that just get it right? What videos just hit all the marks and blow us away?

Today, we’ll be looking at the top 10 video ads of 2023. These are videos that we find not only memorable and engaging, but ones that display great skill. Ready to see our favourites from 2023? Let’s jump right into it!

Factors We Considered

Now, to curate our top 10, we didn’t just throw darts at a board (though that does sound fun!). To find the best videos, we had to look to a specific set of criteria and evaluate how well it does in every aspect. Here’s what we looked at:

Production Value

While not the be-all and end-all of what makes videos great, high production value is one way to really impress your videos. High-resolution footage, crisp audio, and quality animations and visual effects can make a video really stick with viewers. When looking for our top 10 videos, we looked into the level of skill and advancement that they displayed.


Whether you’re listing the benefits of a new mobile app or creating a big narrative to bring your viewers in, it all starts with the script. Often, good storytelling can be even more important than shiny graphics! This was another factor we looked into when scouring for our picks.


A good concept isn’t enough — we need to look at the execution too. It goes without saying that bad acting can really take you out of a video. No matter how witty or well-written the script is, it all falls on the actor or voice actor to be able to perform and convey the message properly. As such, this was another area that we focused on.

Innovation, Creativity,  Art Direction

Every video on our list brings something fresh to the table. They either took us somewhere new or spun an old tale in a way we never saw coming. Creativity is the name of the game, and these creators are winning. We made sure our selection of videos are professionally art directed.

Impact & Influence

Videos can and should leave an impact on their viewers. That doesn’t mean it has to go viral or pull massive views, but it should be something that sticks with viewers and generates discussion. Engagement and brand recognition were thus other key factors that we looked out for when curating this list.

Our Selection of Top 10 Video Ads in 2023

1) Coca-Cola® Masterpiece

Sometimes you just need a bottle of Coca-Cola for that hit of inspiration. This video shows you just that with an art student looking bored in his art class at a museum. Iconic works of art come to life, passing a bottle around to each other to get to him — the bottle’s art style changing each time. It’s a visual marvel that pays homage to these historic pieces while also blowing viewers away with the stunning visual effects.

2) Every Table Has A Story

If you’ve ever sat at a Starbucks to do some revision or work, you’ll know that there are people from every walk of life there. Starbucks knows that too, and delves into this concept with this live-action story of one regular. She works on her project, faces rejection, then tries again and catches the public’s attention. And Starbucks is there with her, every step of the way.

3) The new AirPods Pro

Simple, but effective. That’s how Apple’s ads have always been, and this is no different. Taking on a surrealist feel with floating cars, stalls, and people, the video uses this as an allegory for how their noise cancellation works. When turned on, everything around gets removed so the music takes focus. And when turned off, everything falls back down and you take everything back in again. It’s visually appealing and gets the message across immediately.

4) IKEA: Show Off Your Savvy

There’s no need to get fancy to have style. IKEA shows you that it knows how to get groovy with this video going through a unique house, showing off all the stylish yet affordable pieces they have available. The characters are just as attention-grabbing, with trendy clothes and dialogue meant to cater to teens and young adults. It’s a video that knows its audience and one that knows how to reach out to them.

5) Uiflow

Designing UI is hard work, and Uiflow is here to make it easier. The jumble of different elements stacked haphazardly turning into a neat pile by the end of the video shows us how Uiflow streamlines the process with both examples and fun visual metaphors. The mix of 2D hand-drawn and 3D animations comes together to make a video that is both really fun to watch and one that compels you to give Uiflow a try.

6) Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side

A bit of humour always helps. Samsung uses the concept of a campfire horror story to showcase how irresistible their Z Flip phone is. The characters talk about it ominously, then run around as each falls into temptation after seeing the unique features of the phone. It’s all dramatic and hilarious, and it gets you excited for the new product.

7) Introducing DJ | Spotify

Just like picking a show to watch after dinner, picking the right songs to play as you make your way to work can be such a drag. That’s why Spotify added its new digital AI — and they’re making the best first impression. We follow along as X, the DJ, sends both us and the main character through a whirlwind of different emotions and genres, grooving the entire time. The sets and lighting change with each song, creating that sense of deep immersion. It’s a fun video that tells you exactly what it is while giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

8) Nike Invincible 3

Sometimes you don’t need words to convey your message, and Nike knows it. To let its viewers know about the absolute comfort provided by its Invincible 3 shoes, the video shows us a series of fluffy materials forming the base of the shoe. From marshmallows to a bouncy rubber ball, the 3D animation and sound effects give an immersive demonstration that’s just a delight to watch. And after seeing all that, who wouldn’t want to try it?

9) #BestPhonesForever: Plateau

It’s no secret that the top smartphones are all in competition with each other. Google takes a step in a friendlier direction with this video. With some friendly jabs, of course. The two phones converse with their signature voice assistants, paying homage to the iPhone’s legacy while still mentioning Pixel’s notable features. It’s a unique approach that gets the point across and sticks with people.

10) Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 is all about speed and bounce, and this video shows you exactly that. Situated in an Adidas testing lab, the Dame 8 shoots through at lightning speed and damages some lockers, highlighting its impressiveness. The video also walks us through its new sole construction and zooms in on every detail, with small captions about the Dame 8’s features scattered throughout. It’s immersive, informative, and appealing.

Final Thoughts

We’ve had our fair share of listicles regarding the best videos in specific niches, but what does it mean to be the best of the best? Looking at the content quality, innovation, and impact, these were the top 10 Video Ads that truly stood out to us. They remind us of the power of visuals, not just as a source of entertainment, but as a medium to inspire, connect, and invoke change. As video content continues to evolve, we can’t wait to see what breathtaking videos we’ll see in 2024.

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