Customer Testimonial Video Production Guide in 2023

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"Hear the story, feel the experience, trust the journey."

When you’re online, scrolling for a new gadget, what do you do? For most of us, we jump straight into reviews so we can cut through the marketing fluff and go straight for the real thoughts of other people. Customer testimonial videos are much the same, except even better because we get to see and connect with the person on screen!

But not everyone’s born ready for the flashing lights. Even the most enthusiastic customer can get confused about how to go about sharing their experience, or not know how to act when the camera is rolling. That’s where you come in.

Follow along and we’ll tell you how to get your client comfortable and picture-perfect!

Choosing the Right Customer

Before you even start prepping your client, you want to make sure you’ve got the one suitable for your video.

Characteristics Of An Ideal Candidate

Now, the whole point of this is for viewers to feel like they’re getting a peek into what they will experience with your company. You want someone relatable. They should be expressive, capable of conveying their thoughts effectively and naturally.

Think of this as casting for your favourite reality show – you want genuine people who can keep viewers engaged.

Past Experiences And Loyalty

It’s the customers who’ve stuck with you, who’ve seen your product evolve, and have stories about it. Their tales can capture the journey of both the product and the customer, weaving a narrative that’s hard to resist. Additionally, clients who have repeatedly returned to you over the years can speak on how your process or product has improved over the years. This can assure viewers that you’re not just talking the talk.

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The Right Case Study for Testimonial Video

Was there a particular project that you feel your team excelled at? Or a certain service or product you’d like to focus more on? Make sure to find a client whose past experience with you holds relevance to what you want to let future clients know.

More than just satisfaction, what changes did your product or service bring into their life? Maybe it made their daily tasks easier, or perhaps it introduced a touch of luxury they hadn’t known before. Their stories should resonate with the benefits you want to highlight in your customer testimonial video.

Pre-shoot Preparation

Co-create A Rough Script

Production can go haywire without a clear script, but you need to make sure your client’s real thoughts and feelings are conveyed.

Collaborate with your chosen customer. Understand what they’re comfortable discussing and where they can provide the most insights. This way, they feel part of the process, and it’s more of a dialogue than an interview.

Emphasise Authenticity

While the script is a helpful guide, it shouldn’t be a chain. Let them go off-script if they’re sharing genuine experiences. Remember, the point of this is to show real experiences and add a human touch. Spontaneity can bring out these golden moments.

Setting Expectations

Most people have never been involved in video production before, so it can get overwhelming if they don’t know what they’re getting into. Here are some helpful points to note to ease them into the process.

Tips For Appearance

Depending on the vibe that you’re going for, you might want to give your client an idea of what to wear. Plain colours or subtle patterns usually work best on screen and a clean, tidy appearance elevates the video’s professionalism.

How formal or how casual they should dress should be something to consider too. Remind them about the little things. A neat hairdo, perhaps a touch of makeup, and a radiant, well-rested face can make a significant difference.

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The Process Of Filming

Walk them through the process. From their position on set to where they’re meant to look, make sure they know just what to do. Make sure to also give them an estimate of how long the shoot will be taking.

Whether it’s going to be a quick 30-minute chat or a more extensive 2-hour shoot, you want to be respectful of their time. Just like explainer videos, it is best to keep the video as short as possible to make sure your viewers will not lose interest and skip.

Post-production Insights

You’re forming their raw experiences and moulding them into a captivating story, but it’s still their story. Make sure they’re in the loop about how the footage is going to be processed. Inform them about editing, adding background music, and other tweaks that will enhance their testimonial.

The Production Process

Relaxed environment

It’s not a formal interrogation, you want your client to be comfortable enough to share their true thoughts. Maybe have soft, soothing music in the background or offer a warm cup of tea or coffee. Put them at ease, and your customer testimonial video will flow more naturally.

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Now you’ve worked on the script with them and finalised everything to make sure that it reflects what they truly feel. But saying it in a casual discussion and having to recount it when all eyes are on them can be very different. Your client can forget certain important points or stumble over their words.

All natural things to expect, but you can help make the process smoother with a few rehearsals.

Guided Questions

Not everyone can just jump into it and be perfectly comfortable. You need to ease them into it with something friendly and easy. “How has your day been?” This sets a conversational tone, making what follows seem like an effortless chat.

From there, progress into deeper waters gently. From how they first heard about your product to specific instances where it made a difference, craft a story arc. Probing questions can unearth gems. “What was your first impression?” or “Describe a day without our product.” You’re not putting any words in their mouth, but helping them map out what they want to say.

Reflect Genuine Experience

While this is a testimonial video for your company, your client is the main star. The edited video should be a mirror, reflecting their true feelings and experiences without distortion. It’s their story and they should have a say in how it’s presented. A review ensures they’re in agreement with the final portrayal.

You might have to go back and forth between a few versions to get a good balance between what both of you need, but by the end, both of you will be satisfied.

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Share The Final Video

If they’re featured in it, they should be able to see it! Share a link or a digital copy for them to look over or use if they need to. They might want to share the video with friends and family, and this will help them do so.

Not to mention, this can be beneficial to you too! Their opinions are sure to be valued by those around them, so sharing on social platforms can amplify the reach and credibility of your testimonial.

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Wrapping Up

Testimonial videos, unlike advertisements, are endorsements, stories, and experiences. They lend credibility to your product and brand by giving a third-party perspective. But to truly have a good video, you need to make sure to feature your client in the right way. Find the right clients and focus on the customer’s genuine experiences.

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