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The Next Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche: NFT

When you are talking about the current affiliate marketing trends, your list of trends wouldn’t be complete until you talk about NFT. NFT has become more than a buzz as it has transformed many people into millionaires. To put in context, monthly NFT sales have gone over $2.5 billion in recent times.

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11 Common Mistakes That Any Animator Should Avoid

The animation is like playing a whole orchestra. Even one dysfunctional instrument could ruin the entire essence of your work, spilling water on days of hard work. We have jumbled up a list of 11 common mistakes that any animator should avoid if they want their work to sell, be watched, and get inspired by.

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Best Corporate Video Companies in Malaysia

Whether you are a start-up in Malaysia or any part of the world, you need a team who knows what they do, who are seasoned with the deets of making a compelling corporate video, who knows what your audience craves! And that’s who we are going to tell you about!

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10 Different Types of Animations in 2022

Modern marketing is incomplete without a video, and animation occupies a considerable chunk of it. You can confirm this from the fact that about 87% of marketers are using it to increase their online presence, with 65% of users claiming to buy a product more likely after watching a video.

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Top 10 NFT Animation Artists in 2022

NFTs are like fine wine or a vintage car. The older they get, the more they are appreciated, and thus increase in value. But that’s not the only thing here. With the industry being in its arguably initial stages, there’s a lot of room for new artists to thrive.


Top 20 3D Explainer Videos (Narrative Based) That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Animated Explainers are great! It squeezes out an artist’s creativity in a visually stunning medium, with videos going as far as imaginations. So much so you could make Beyonce hug 50-cents and Taylor Swift to write songs that aren’t about her ex (apologies to swifties). In this article, I have piled a list of some of the most stunning narrative-based 3D explainer videos that you might be missing out on.

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