Cravo’s Retractable Roof Production system helps growers all around the world.

The Client

We’ve worked on a large number of interesting videos for clients from a multitude of industries which include industrial products, software, apps, property development, charitable causes and so on but Cravo is our first client who deals with modern agricultural solutions. As the world changes and the weather become more unpredictable, while more and more people integrating fruits and vegetables in their diets, growers all around the world face new challenges to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Hence, best practices to achieve optimal results for crops in different climate zones have to be developed to overcome this problem. This is what Cravo has been doing for more than 35 years. Cravo specializes in the design and manufacturing of automatic retractable roof houses – covers 5 continents in the fruit, berry, vegetable, flower and reforestation sectors. Cravo works with their partners to utilize retractable roof houses to overcome the challenges faced by conventional production methods, in order to deliver a 3-5 year return on investment.


The video aims to educate potential partners on how Cravo’s Retractable Roof Production system helps growers all around the world deal with extreme weather patterns in order to have predictable and consistent supply all year round.

How we did it

Cravo wanted an animated video but not too ‘cartoonish’. Since we’re dealing with a more serious subject matter, the approach we suggested was a 2.5D animated video with some 3D elements.

The Cravo team was very supportive throughout the whole process. They provided a good script to begin with – and from there, we developed the style, characters and illustrations unique to Cravo’s branding. We did not include facial features on the characters to remove the elements of ‘cartoon’ from the characters.

Once the client has picked the style, we re-examined the script again and again in order to help our client find the best way to bring their story to life. We started off with sketches, followed by a detailed storyboard illustrating how the animation goes from one scene to the next.

The Cravo video was adapted into other languages, namely Spanish, Arabic and Farsi, to cater to different target audience based in different parts of the world.

The Result

The video was launched in conjunction with the client’s new website. Derek Vollebregt, the Marketing Manager of Cravo was quoted as saying “Our management team and sales teams have reviewed and they are thrilled with the outcome.”. To read more about the result, check out our client’s verified comment on

Video Style: 2.5D Animated Video with 3D Elements

Client: Cravo Equipment Ltd.

Client’s website:

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