Labuan IBFC

An Abstract Motion Graphics Based Video

The Client

The Labuan International Business and Finance Centre (IBFC) is a special economic zone in Malaysia based on the island of Labuan, off the Borneo coast. Established in 1990, Labuan IBFC has been promoted as having a unique position to tap investment opportunities within Asia and beyond.

As it shares a common time zone with many large Asian cities, as well as its close proximity with China, India and other financial centres, it has been marketed to be a convenient location for business dealings. The Malaysian government designated Labuan as a financial centre as well as a free trade zone.

labuan team malaysia europe event

In this project, we worked in collaboration with DIA Brands, one of Asia’s leading brand agencies. DIA is an independent group based in Singapore with studios in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia.


The client wanted to produce a corporate video to introduce their organization. The initial idea was to include live action production. However, due to the pandemic, live action shooting is greatly limited with all the standard operating procedures in place. In the end, the client opted for a full motion graphics piece to deliver their brand messages.

Networking motion design

some scene motion design sample

How we did it

The team at DIA Brands came with storyboard ideas and provided our team with references on how they want the scenes to look like. They wanted the overall style to look clean and sophisticated.

We polished the storyboard further and developed a set of consistent abstract graphics by following the client’s brand guidelines and colors.

moodboard for motion graphic project

storyboard process

The client wanted to use the circular element in their logo as the main anchor in the animation. You can see how it travels and transforms from one scene to the next in the video.



Video Style: Motion Graphics

Client: Labuan IBFC

Client’s website:

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