A series of videos to explain how awesome mega grass is

The Client

MegaGrass is the innovator of artificial grass for more than a decade, offering the Grass of the Future with sleek engineered blade design that is eco-friendly at your feet. Today, MegaGrass has 11 locations in the US. There are six collections crafted to suit the needs of different consumers, and they can cut the grass into any size, complete with 25 year lush-life guarantee for everyone under the sun.

Here’s a little background of our client. They are part of the Ecogreen America family, an artificial grass and hedge company headquartered in Las Vegas devoted to producing the highest quality, eco-friendly grass products for better landscaping.

How we did it

The MegaGrass team wanted to create three explainer videos to educate their customers, namely “How to Measure Your Lawn”, “Artificial Grass of the Future” and “An Installation Guide”.

The production of these videos come in conjunction with the revamp of the client’s website into a more sleek and modern look.

The client opted for full 3D animation with characters to illustrate their stories.

The scripts were developed in-house by the client, along with some visual ideas to ensure that their brand identity is conveyed.

Style Sheet - 3D

We worked with the MegaGrass team closely in creating the characters and storyboard sketches, finalizing all details before we created the static scenes in 3D according to the colors and brand identity of the client.

Storyboard Sketch 1

Storyboard Sketch 2

Once we recorded the voice-over, we modeled and animated every scene in the storyboard using 3D software, finally bringing the stories to life.

Then, we sent the completed videos to our sound design partner for the final touches.

What did the video achieve

The first video, “How to Measure Your Lawn” gained over 30,000 views on the client’s Youtube channel within a span of 1 months.

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: Mega Grass

Client’s website:

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