Thunder Cranes

A Combination of 3D Animation, Live Action and Motion Graphics

The Client

For 25 years, Thunder Cranes have been the trusted providers of Engineered Lifting Solutions and Offshore Rental Cranes. Thunder Cranes’ Portable Modular Cranes can be deployed to some of the toughest challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry.

It is a self-lifting system that allows even larger cranes to be rigged up on platforms where there is no existing lifting capability, or to replace non-functioning platform crane, or when existing platform cranes don’t have the reach, all within 12-18 hours.


Thunder Cranes wanted to communicate clearly to their potential clients the competitive advantages of their crane services such as efficiency, job completion speed and safety record, while promoting the organization as a whole by showing their professional skilled staff, the facilities, equipment and many more.

How we did it

The main selling point that Thunder Crane wanted to emphasize was the solution itself – the self-lifting cranes. We conveyed the messages that our client intended to deliver using a combination of 3D animation, 2D iconography and typography animation.

As the client wanted to promote their organization as a whole, we shot live action footages to add ‘human element’ into the video.

We worked with the client closely to develop the pre-production stage which included the script and storyboard, as well as during the shoot.


The footages were shot at the client’s office and facility as well as the jetty located in Labuan, East Malaysia. The challenge was to coordinate the shoot during the operation hours of the company, without affecting the productivity and workflow of the employees. The client worked with us in coordinating a production schedule for their internal talents to ensure that everything went smoothly. The shoot took two days.

At the same time, we developed the 3D scenes which took almost one and a half months.



Once the client has picked the footages that they wished to use in the video and approved the 3D scenes, we compiled everything in post-production by syncing with the voice-over recording.


What did the video achieve

The video was well received by our client and they showcased the video in a tradeshow in Dubai. These are the exact words quoted from the client:

“I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of our company – to you and all your team who worked on this project, I think it has turned out great and beyond expectations.  The animation in particular is impressive considering that you have not only animated the cranes, but also the platforms and the vessel. “


Video Style: 3D+LiveAction

Client: Thunder Cranes Sdn Bhd

Client’s website:

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