Here are some of our clients and
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Tim Morton-Smith
Co-Founder - Home Savi

“The team  was a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the most important part of the process is communication and through Basecamp, we always knew what they were up to. They exceeded our expectations in timing and quality of the final product, not to mention that we talked to multiple groups and their pricing was the most competitive.”

Phoebe Lam
CMO - Admaster Inc

On behalf of AdMaster, I am writing to express our appreciation to your great work and great service. Kasra Design team did not just listen to our needs but also demonstrated the best use of your animation creativity to tell our data story.

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Juliana Carneiro
Smart Hydro Power GmbH

“It was great to work with Kasra Design. It was very new for us, to outsource a service not getting to know Kasra Design personally and having a technical product as the topic for our video. We had a very hard task of explaining a technical product and they manage to do it successfully. They are very creative, professional and patient. We are incredibly happy with the result.”

Rob Ellis
CEO - Netstablish

“We used Kasra Design for our very first animated video. As a startup company we had both budget concerns and time constraints. Their development process sped things along as the selection of characters, voice-overs, etc. made it simple and fast to create a top notch animated video at a great price! We’ve had discussions about creating more animated videos and they are on the top of our list for new production.”

Jason Ossenmacher

“Kasra Design provided exceptional quality explainer video and I had a great experience working with them. Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality animation at a great rate!”

Victoria Ancheva
Marketing Manager – AirConcierge

“Thanks Kasra team for making a wonderful video for You’ve put our ideas exactly as anticipated. Your team professionally coordinated things every step of the way from the storyboard to voice-over with an amazing talent, by the way. Great pricing and lovely people.”

Jamie Burton
Co-Founder –

“We were absolutely thrilled with their managing director and her team when they were able to make multiple revisions in a timely fashion after re-branding and revising our marketing twice within two weeks! We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users and the video has been shared by moms across the country. ”

Dave Bird
Co-Founder - Monetise Media LTD

“We worked with Kasra Design team on an introduction animated video for a new website project in a competitive sector. From the initial concept to the completed version, the team were incredibly helpful, creative, and professional and we have had many positive comments about the final outcome.”

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