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best of best custom video companies list
"Get to know the best custom video makers out there."

If you are reading this you are probably looking for a custom video production company to get a video done. Spending hours to scour through a sea of information on Google, then narrowing down your search before you make a decision might take forever.

Well, we know your struggle so to help you save time and to make your life easier, you will find a list of video companies that offer custom video production as main service or as part of their services.

We have done the legwork by going through their services and portfolio before gathering the best of the best as well as some affordable options in case you (or your boss) are budget sensitive. 😊

Before we dive into the list, I’d like to briefly explain what we (video professionals) call a custom video. A custom video is a type of video that is made from scratch for you. Be it a product presentation, explainer type, motion graphics video and so on, it will be created specifically to your needs and liking without using any pre-made animated template or footage.

I should warn you that you are expected to fork out a premium price for this type of videos as producing such videos requires a proper team of experts (storytellers, animators, art directors, account managers and coordinators).

Now, let’s get into the main point, our selection of custom video companies that can help you get things done the right way:

Kasra Design

Custom video is our forte. Especially the mind-blowing animated types. Our award-winning team is capable of making premium custom videos that make your competition envy. Every single design element is handcrafted by our artists from scratch to ensure consistency with your branding look.

Giant Ant

Giant Ant is literally a ‘giant’ in this industry with many big name clients including Coca-Cola, AirBnB and Spotify. It’s a creative studio, a design shop and an animation house comprised of creative talents from diverse backgrounds. Their work is a statement of their taste.

As the saying goes, see it to believe it. Just take a look at their portfolio and be sure to be blown away by the great work that they have crafted for the past 12 years.

The Furrow

The Furrow is a creative studio that helps companies bring their brands and stories to life through animation and design. The Furrow believes that the creative process is similar to a furrow used in agriculture (hence its name). Their exemplary work is a result of their hard work and attention to detail.

Run, Kick, Shout

Run, Kick, Shout is an animation studio that views everything as a design. Their ability to bring fun, creativity and passion to every project makes them the go-to studio for many big-name clients including PayPal and Toyota. The studio is specialized in concept and design, 2D & 3D animation and even visual effects.

Two Fresh

What set Two Fresh apart is that it is a creative studio that is artist-driven where their team gets the creative freedom to explore and grow their artistic abilities in order to create remarkable work for their clients. Their capabilities include strategy, design and production.

Demo Duck

The name Demo Duck is familiar to many custom video industry experts. Demo Duck was one of the pioneers in explainer video production.

For the past nine years, they have helped numerous business humanize their brands, educate their audiences and promote their products through impeccably- crafted custom explainer videos.

Think Mojo

Think Mojo sees themselves as a video partner, crafting videos for the entire customer journey to generate leads, convert customers and turn users into advocates. The studio is also experienced in producing videos for brands with complex products and concepts.

Apart from that, they prototype and test every aspect of the production, from messaging to design to ensure the success of the outcome.


One of my favorites indeed. Umault is a B2B video marketing agency. They produce custom corporate videos and tell meaningful stories that people enjoy watching. The agency works hand-in-hand with customers to learn about their businesses and what they want to achieve before crafting creative solutions that drive real results.

No more boring corporate videos.

Pangur Animation

Wallace & Gromit, Shaun The Sheep, Corpse Bride – if you have watched one of these famous animated films, you’d probably know what is stop motion animation. Pangur Animation does just that. Stop-motion is what they loved most and the studio has worked with Warner, Nestle and Hasbro.


An award-winning digital studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. What makes Batch stands out is that it is remotely managed, with an international team of female illustrators, animators and digital designers from diverse backgrounds.

Batch challenges stereotypes and patriarchal norms, which fuel its strength in creating meaningful stories. The team is highly skilled in illustration-driven animation, motion design and product design.

Dress Code

Dress Code founders met in Graphic Design school and started to collaborate. They continued their partnership in directing and designing for MTV before starting Dress Code, a full service design-focused production company with many awards to boast.

The team consists of a curated roster of directors with backgrounds in design-driven animation and film.

Kuhl and Han

Kuhl and Han is an animation studio with an artistic approach based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The founders are visual directors with background in graphic design and cinematography. They have created a unique style using moving images with modern aesthetic.

Simple and outstanding visuals combined with fluid movement and sound, their work is created using CGI and film. This is why they are trusted by many famous brands in fashion, lifestyle and tech.

Sandwich Video

Making commercials that people like. This is exactly what Sandwich Video does. Sandwich Video produces creative, interesting and memorable live action commercials and explainer videos.

The team believes that in order to make people take action, the videos should first make audience feel and help them understand. Their work is testament that the video production can be pretty fun too.

Yashinski Studio

Yashinski Studio is a VFX and design studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their directorial and visual effects portfolio includes the popular series on Netflix, Narcos (Season 2), Sony, Pepsi, 2 music videos for Coldplay and many more.

Cub Studio

Cub Studio is founded by award-winning animator Fraser Davidson and online marketing expert Ben Skinner. With this potent combination comes incredible work which delivered results for many big brands and claimed many awards.

The studio creates characterful content and animations for ads, TV shows, sport institutions, apps and branded online videos.


Place is a character-based design studio based in Argentina. Their work is characterized by the use of unconventional characters with beautiful combination of vibrant colors.

Apart from working with many world’s biggest companies and brands, many of their projects were also featured in many renowned magazines and publications. Their skills include story-telling, character design, animation to toy design.

Reach Animation

If you’re looking to tell stories through design-driven illustrations and animations, Reach is the studio to go for.

Based in Amsterdam, the studio collaborates with animators and illustrators from around the world with passion for digital art. Reach does the A to Z, from conceptualization to post production, customizing everything according to your brand.

Studio Clim

Clim places an emphasis on ideas first, while creating design-driven styles to go with the ideas. The team has experience experimenting with different visual languages for the past 15 years, working with a freelance network around the world. Team is individually handpicked for each project.

BX Films

BX Films does more than just filming and editing. They continuously learn what goes on in viewer’s mind and how to encourage behavior. They explore new ways of video shooting and editing to be ahead of the game, and help customers devise digital strategies to ensure that their marketing budget is well spent.

Shoot You

Established by former BBC producers, Shoot You is a creative agency specialized in video production and animation. Their crew can shoot in any location, with expertise in capturing unforgettable and captivating content. Their team also consists of animators skilled in different styles of animation.


LooseKeys tells stories through distinctive videos and animations. The team creates award-winning original visual content to inform, engage and inspire viewers for web, TV, display and mobile.


Covalent’s goal is to create compelling stories that speaks for the brand and connect the messages to the right audience.

Their services include video production, creative production and emerging media such as drones, podcast and VR/AR, working with clients from wide range of industries such as fintech, education, healthcare, tech, non-profit and so on.

Early Light Media

Early Light Media is a video production company thinks the number one rule of storytelling is to ‘Capture The Human Experience’. This rule applies as the foundation and guiding light of their video production process.

They also believe that every video should be aligned to customer’s unique requirements. With background in journalism and documentary video production, their videos are used for fundraising, creating awareness, engaging and converting viewers into buyers.


Kyro is a video production agency based in Orange County that focuses on helping customers achieve their business goals through the production of the highest quality videos.

Through understanding a client’s visions and ideas, they translate client’s messages into engaging video content that viewers want to watch.


An award-winning creative production agency based in Baltimore, Storyfarm makes cinematic digital social and broadcast contents that deliver results.

As a full service agency, Storyfarm helps B2C and B2B brands in developing concept and script, filming, animating, editing and distributing their video content.

Stupid Studio

Stupid Studio addresses the challenges companies and humanity face today by connecting brands with their audiences through new and engaging ways.

Their designs are always crafted with purpose and meaning (not stupid at all). They love what they do, and they believe that by doing so, they can create something great for their clients.

Studio Dialog

A post production and design studio that believes that idea passes from one imagination to another, to form a creative vision in motion.

Their services include motion graphics, branding, video production and even photography. The team is driven to create content that connect with their audiences.

Core Agency

As its name suggests, The Core Agency was established with the solid belief that there’s a powerful Core idea in every brand. This Core idea is important in defining how a brand connects, innovates and impacts people.

By unlocking the Core idea, The Core Agency helps clients unlock their brand’s Core Idea through insightful strategy and creative solutions for effective communications across the entire marketing landscape.

End of the end!

There are tons of companies offering custom videos these days, but we all know that not everyone is capable of delivering videos that convert for real. You are about to spend thousands of dollars for a few minutes of video, so you should expect to get a lot in return for that otherwise it is just green papers down the drain.

I sincerely hope the above list of companies put you in the right direction to find a suitable match for your custom video project. If you think I missed some great companies that are worth mentioning in the list, please let me know in the comment section below.

Alex Safavinia

CEO & Creative Director at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
He is responsible for the art directions as well as overseeing the progress and development of each production to make sure all projects are delivered flawlessly.