Bringing Chaira's Design to Life with 3D Product Animation and Realistic Rendering.


The Process

In the Chaira project, our journey started with visioning and planning, where we envisioned every detail of this unique chair through storyboards. We then brought these ideas to life using Cinema 4D, creating a 3D model that began to embody our vision.

Flowers Growth 3D product

During production, we paid close attention to the details, applying textures and lighting to make the chair not just stand out, but feel almost tangible. By incorporating flowers and vegetation in our 3D animation, we highlighted Chaira’s earth-friendly essence. The Octane Renderer was our choice for achieving an ultra-realistic look, showcasing modern materials and techniques.

Chaira Cloth Wind 3D

In post-production, we brought all elements together in After Effects, refining the visuals to ensure the animation not only showcased the sleek product but also embodied the spirit of modern 3D animation and design.

Video Style: 3D Product Animation

Client: Chaira

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