An Abstract Motion Graphics Video for Labuan International Business and Financial Centre.


The Story

We had the pleasure to work with IBFC, a comprehensive midshore solution in Labuan island that is striking the ideal balance between client confidentiality and compliance with international best standards and practices.

The client wanted to use their logo’s circular element throughout the video, so we suggested an abstract approach where we brought the red circle to tell IBFC story. Relying on abstract designs allowed us to double our communication efforts via narrative, art direction, and animation. The colors used in this motion graphics are entirely taken from client’s branding guide. The current version is our director’s cut.

ibfc motiongraphics sceneibfc motiongraphics scene 2

ibfc motiongraphics scene 3


Video Style: Motion Graphics

Client: IBFC Labuan

Client’s website: Labuanibfc.com

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