Marler Clark - Ecoli

A series of informational short animated videos about food illnesses and outbreaks


The objective

Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm is the leading law firm representing victims of foodborne illness outbreaks in the US. We were approached by the reputable firm to create a series of animated videos to educate the general public about foodborne illnesses. The videos are to be shared on the client’s informational pages.

E.coli is a bacterium which inhabits the intestinal tract of humans and warm-blooded animals. Most strains of E. coli do not cause disease in humans, but toxic serotypes, like O157:H7, can cause illness and death. The video also talks about the symptoms of E.coli and what a person should do after contracting the E.coli infection.

The characters were designed based on the branding materials provided by the client. As for the animation, we used a combination of 2D and cel animation for a more fluid and seamless outcome.

Video Style: 2.5D & Cel

Client: Marler Clark

Client’s website:

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