Panasonic - Ceiling Fan Safety Awareness Video

Learn how to install a ceiling fan properly


The objective

Our client, Panasonic Malaysia, wanted a video to educate the general public on how to install a ceiling fan properly. The idea was to create a robot fan character which narrates the step-by-step guide on how to install a ceiling fan.

We worked closely with the Panasonic team in fine tuning the script as well as developing the characters and storyboard for the video. The client provided us with diagrams on how to install ceiling fan in which we turned into animated form.

Lip-sync animation was used to make the robot look more lively. We also added some 3D elements to create more depth in the animation.

The result

The video received very good response from the general public. We also developed a different version for KDK Malaysia which received more than 700k views on KDK’s Youtube page:

Subsequently, we created a version with female robot for Panasonic Malaysia.

Video Style: 2D + 3D

Client: Panasonic

Client’s website:

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