PayPro Global

E-Commerce solutions provider for companies selling digital products


The Story

PayPro Global is a premium e-commerce solutions provider that helps companies selling software, services and digital goods in creating, launching and managing their online stores. They offer payment processing system that helps their clients handle recurring payments, subscriptions, billing, purchases and many more.

The system is equipped with fraud detection and prevention capabilities. It also helps clients take care of tax compliances.

Showcase Shot 1

PayPro wanted an out-of-the-box video to pique the interest of their target audiences. They opted for a 3D animation. The initial idea was to use a factory concept to tell the story. But then we thought, why not make it more interesting by turning everything into an outer space experience?

Sketch 1

The client was very open to ideas, and they accepted our suggestions. To complement the concept, we created some characters that resemble part human, part alien.

Sketch 2

Our 3D team worked with the client every step of the way to ensure that the outcome is consistent with their branding, while maintaining the creative freedom to express our ideas.

Showcase Shot 2

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: PayPro Global

Client’s website:

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