A 3D product animation for An Active pneumatic compression device


The Objective

The primary goal of the Spryng animation presentation was to showcase the functionality and benefits of the world’s most advanced active pneumatic compression device. Spryng team requested a hyper-realistic 3D animation of their product, highlighting its unique features and illustrating how it interacts with the human body to enhance muscle performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The Process

We began by thoroughly understanding the technology behind Spryng, collaborating closely with the product development team to grasp its intricacies. With this knowledge as our foundation, we meticulously crafted a storyboard that would effectively communicate Spryng’s key selling points while maintaining visual fidelity and technical accuracy.

Spryng 3D Medical Product Storyboard

Spryng 3D Medical Product Storyboard 2

Utilizing state-of-the-art animation software, we brought the storyboard to life, focusing on creating lifelike renderings of Spryng’s three pumps and air bladders. Through careful attention to detail, we ensured that every aspect of the device’s operation was accurately depicted, from the continuous compression without time gaps to the upward-moving positive pressure gradient that mimics natural calf muscles.

Spryng 3D Explainer Scene 1

In addition to showcasing Spryng’s functionality, we incorporated overlay motion graphics to enhance the viewer’s understanding of how the device operates and its potential impact on muscle soreness and overall performance. By seamlessly integrating these elements into the animation, we aimed to create an immersive experience that would captivate and educate our audience.

Spryng Healing Muscle Recovery 3D

Spryng 3D Motion graphics

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: MAS Design Inc.

Client’s website: Spryngme.com

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