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The Client

Uiflow is a no-code platform for designers and developers to connect data, design and development all in one visual interface. It allows developers to quickly build secure, scalable and custom applications. Uiflow components can be easily integrated into existing applications.

Uiflow needed a rather abstract 3D animation to explain the problems enterprises face and to introduce their revolutionary no-code solution, in an intriguing manner.

The Process

Working with their team was a fun and exhilarating experience as the team was flexible with creativity but they also had clear visions of what they wanted to achieve. As usual, we started with storyboard sketches and the style frames. Once the story was locked, we moved to 3D modelling, texturing, 3D lighting and rigging stages. Then we rendered everything using Octane renderer.

storyboard sketch for 3D production

uiflow 3d abstract scene 1

As the target audience is enterprise members who are mostly decision-makers, Uiflow wanted to strike a balance between professional/elegance and a sense of excitement. They wanted to implement a more serious visual tone to the styles while including a bold use of colors (but not in a too playful way).

uiflow 3d abstract scene 2

uiflow 3d abstract scene 3

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: Uiflow

Client’s website: Uiflow.com

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