Upside - Fuel

Crafted a 2.5D explainer for Upside, melding 3D elements & brand aesthetics.


Project Overview

Upside has emerged as a game-changer in the fuel and convenience industry. As consumers evolve, becoming more price-conscious, Upside has found a unique way to empower businesses. The primary goal of our video was to showcase how Upside diverts traffic from competitors, providing customers with the best deals, and driving growth for businesses in the process.

The Story

Keeping in line with the digital era, we chose a 2.5D animation style for the video. But to ensure a distinct visual appeal, we seamlessly integrated 3D elements that resonate with Upside’s brand aesthetic. The result? A video that stands out while staying true to the brand.

Our Process:

Storyboard Sketching: Every masterpiece begins with a sketch. We began with rough sketches to lay out the video’s flow, ensuring each scene tied back to the core message of Upside’s transformative role in the industry.

Fuel Explainer - Storyboard Sketches

Digital Storyboarding: Post the sketch phase, our team converted these rough ideas into digital storyboards. This allowed us to visualize the end product, get feedback from Upside, and refine our concepts.

Fuel Explainer - Digital Storyboard

Animating: With a clear roadmap, our animators got to work. We brought the storyboard to life, ensuring that each transition was smooth and every visual element reinforced Upside’s unique branding.

Animating Stage of Production - upside app

Voice Over: The voice behind any video sets the tone. Upside selected their preferred voice from a curated list we provided, ensuring that the narration perfectly matched the brand’s persona.

Music Integration: Music breathes life into visuals. Our team sourced and integrated a soundtrack that not only complimented the voice over but also underscored the energy, ethos, and promise of Upside.

Video Style: 2.5D Animation

Client: Upside Services, Inc.

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