Upside - Grocery

Designed a 2.5D explainer video for Upside, fusing 3D highlights harmoniously with their brand contours.


Project Overview

Most grocery stores operate at a mere 46% capacity. Upside’s innovative approach seeks to bridge this gap, providing an avenue to harness the dormant 54%. Our video’s mission was to elucidate how Upside offers a swift and lucrative solution to tap into this vast untapped potential.

The Story

Modern times call for modern visuals. Our chosen 2.5D animation style harmoniously coalesces with 3D elements, encapsulating the Upside’s grocery solution essence without compromising its brand identity.

Our Process:

Storyboard Sketching: Beginning with a hand-drawn sketch, we charted the video’s journey, ensuring alignment with the core message of Upside’s innovation in the grocery sector.

Grocery Explainer - Storyboard Sketches

Digital Storyboarding: These initial drafts then evolved into polished digital storyboards, facilitating feedback loops with Upside and setting a visual direction.

Grocery Explainer - Digital Storyboard

Animating: Our adept animators, equipped with the digital roadmap, brought the grocery story of Upside to life. Each frame was meticulously crafted to echo Upside’s team visions.

Upside grocery animated scene

Voice Over: A story is as good as its narrator. Selected from our refined list, the voice-over artist chosen by Upside breathed life into the narrative, matching the brand’s vibe seamlessly.

Music Integration: The soul of any production, our handpicked soundtrack, complimented the voice over and emphasized the urgency and innovation Upside brings to the grocery realm.

In essence, the Upside grocery explainer wasn’t just another video; it was a challenge we passionately embraced. Through this, we showcased Upside’s transformative vision for grocery stores.


Video Style: 2.5D Animation

Client: Upside Services, Inc.

Client’s website:

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