There’s a multi-trillion market of investable low-risk assets locked up in invoices and warehouses.


The objective

Younus empowers businesses & customers to adopt blockchain technology quickly & efficiently, eradicating these problems. Invoices and inventories can be tokenized on Younus and exchanged between investors and financial institutions around the world.

Participants simply update their transactions on the ledger, while smart contracts will automate and reduce time for loan approvals, payment initiations and credit settlements. Working with Younus, businesses own their historical trade data to build up credit profiles, making it easy to share with new financial institutions when seeking loans.

Younus wanted to create a motion graphics based video in a simple-to-understand manner  to show how the Younus platform helps customers adopt blockchain technology and many other great features that it has to offer. We’ve simplified the visuals in the video by using flat, primitive and minimalistic illustrations.



Video Style: Motion Graphics

Client: Younus

Client’s website:

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