Zaptec's revolutionary electric vehicle charging solutions.


The Client

Based in Norway, Zaptec stands as a frontrunner in the realm of intelligent charging systems for electric vehicles. As the world undergoes a notable transition towards electric vehicles, the demand for robust charging infrastructure intensifies.

Leveraging its distinctive power electronics technology alongside cloud-connected and adaptable charging solutions, Zaptec adeptly offers practical solutions honed through hands-on experience in the nation boasting the highest EV per capita globally.

The Process

We began by delving into Zaptecs vehicle (EV) charging solutions ensuring a thorough understanding of their offerings. Once we had a grasp of their technology we created a detailed script that highlighted all the essential features Zaptec wished to present from their EV products.

Zaptec 3D Animation Storyboard Sketch

For the animation aspect we opted for an minimalist design. Our aim was to maintain the spotlight on Zaptecs products and their advantages to users free from any distractions from the surroundings.

This strategy ensured that the message was conveyed clearly making it simple for viewers to comprehend how Zaptecs EV charging systems operate. Moreover it aligned seamlessly with Zaptecs brand identity delivering a visual experience.

Zaptec Technology 3D Product 2

Upon receiving approval on our storyboard from the client we commenced bringing it to life through 3D modeling, rigging, 3D lighting and animation. Lastly, we managed post production tasks by editing all components and synchronizing them with the voiceover.

Zaptec Technology 3D Product

Upon the videos release our client expressed satisfaction, with these words: “Kasra Design delivered a high-caliber video that met the satisfaction of the client’s internal staff. Despite a few delivery delays, they ensured stellar project management and went the extra mile to meet the client’s needs. Kasra Design’s flexibility and solution-oriented approach were commendable.”

Zaptec Technology 3D Solution 1

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: Zaptec

Client’s website:

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