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The Introduction of Start-Up Video

So, you have taken the plunge and started a new business! You know what your venture is all about, now you need to get the word out there and let potential investors, clients and consumers know what it is all about too. There is no better way to do this than with a Start-Up video.

The point of one of these is to get your message out into the world in the most eye catching and efficient way possible. They needn’t break the bank or use up a ton of resources. If it is short, creative, catchy and clear about what you provide, then traction in for your new company will soon be building. Success will be just around the corner!

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“In today’s market, this is one of the best tools you can have to get the word out fast and loud!”

Do All Start-Ups Need a Video?

You will be doing yourself a huge favour if you invest in a video. Of course, success is absolutely possible without one. However, in an age where most of us get our information by pressing ‘play’, it is undoubtedly the quickest, most accessible and most popular way to get your message across.

Through online sharing, there is no other medium that is as widely distributed as video. It serves as a modern day ‘word-of-mouth’; the best advertising you could possibly ask for!

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What are the steps in making start-up videos?


  1. Research About The Start-up
  2. Script Writing
  3. Character & Style Sheet (If it’s animated)
  4. Storyboard Development
  5. Voice Over Recording
  6. Animation / Live Action Production
  7. Sound Effects & Music
  8. Translation & Foreign Voice (If needed)
  9. Delivery & Formats

5 Ways to Grow Your Start-Up with Video

Branding. Nothing is shared more enthusiastically than video. So, that is how to get your brand recognised. It is the best way to get your message to reach far and wide, and to get your business talked about.

Happy Customers. Testimonials are great on paper, but they are even better right from the source. Get happy clients and enthusiastic investors in front of the camera. Even more proof that your business is the one to back!

Community. It’s all about helping each other out in business. Create followers, supporters, enthusiasts and customers (local and global) by using video to build an online presence. Be part of the community.

Employ the best. A cool video can help you get people excited about the prospect of working for you.  With better online presence, you will be able to attract more quality talents from far and wide.

Sales. Good, old fashioned, advertising. Film your product working and moving, get footage of your service in action! Share across the world for maximum returns.

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Start-Up Video

Length. The shorter the better! Ideally you want your clip to last around a minute, much longer than 90 seconds is really too long. When there is so much to see on the internet, most viewers will switch to something new as soon as they lose interest.

Complexity. Simplicity is your friend. You might have a head overflowing with ideas, which is great. But don’t overload your video with information and ideas that aren’t essential. The more streamlined the content, the clearer the message.

Appearance. Your advert should be feast for the eyes and the ears. So, really take time to consider the design, artwork and imagery of your clip.

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Juliana Carneiro
Smart Hydro Power GmbH

“It was great to work with Kasra Design. It was very new for us, to outsource a service not getting to know Kasra Design personally and having a technical product as the topic for our video. We had a very hard task of explaining a technical product and they manage to do it successfully. They are very creative, professional and patient. We are incredibly happy with the result.”

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