Tigerair “I Should Have” Video Campaign

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So, have you ever returned from a holiday just to find out about a place that you should have visited? Or a bicycle that you should have brought home? Or that shirt you bought from a holiday destination should have been a bigger size?

Tigerair Singapore has launched their “I Should Have” campaign to bring you back to the destination that you’ve just returned from – to give you another chance to visit the place that you should have visited, to bring back the bicycle that you love or get a bigger sized shirt, or to do anything that you’ve missed in your first trip! All you have to do is to submit your “I Should Have” story and stand a chance to win one year’s worth of flights.

A joint collaboration with Tequila Singapore, our studio was awarded the task to produce a series of videos for the campaign, with each video targeting a different group – families, business travelers, expatriates and so on.


The Characters

We created simple, outlined characters with different personalities against different backgrounds to represent different destinations.



Storyboard and Voice-over

The stories were told by the characters in each video, talking about their stories in their holiday destinations. Voice-over sourcing was done by our studio, with each voice-over talent carefully selected according to the persona of the characters.



We brought the stories and characters to life with a mixture of 2D animation, cel animation and typography animation.





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