25 Amazing Explainer Video Examples

25 amazing explainer video examples 2020
"A list of top of the chart amazing explainer videos that worth your every second!"

The term ‘explainer video’ came into existence more than a decade ago. Think of it as a long form commercial, explainer video does the job of explaining about an idea, product, and service, or even educating people with any topic under the sun in 1 to 2 minutes.

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It started to gain traction when brands realized that these videos have the potential to go viral, like the Dollar Shave Club explainer video. Since then, many brands and businesses around the world have flocked to make explainer videos as part of their marketing strategy to help boost their brand presence.

Today, this type of video is still as relevant as it was a decade ago. Video marketing is an ever-growing industry and with millions of videos being uploaded online daily, explainer video is here to stay (comfortably!). According to Google, “For more and more shoppers, video is becoming indispensable when they’re ready to buy. In fact, more than 55% of shoppers globally say they use online video while actually shopping in-store.”

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To stay ahead of the game, it is essential to watch out for the latest trends in explainer video production. Just like the fashion industry, video style evolves. So we’ve curated 25 amazing explainer video examples for you to take inspirations from for your next awesome project.

This is not an explainer video produced for any businesses but it was adapted from the speech of Bo Burnham, an American comedian, musician, actor, filmmaker and poet lamenting about the generation’s obsession with having an ‘audience’ on social media.

Through the usage of primitive shapes and sleek transformations, the animation makes it much easier to digest the message, while keeping viewers engaged throughout. This is an example of effective communication done right with an explainer video.

Cool visuals, coupled with some images and live action footages, this is definitely a well-crafted and perfectly executed piece in delivering a powerful and relevant message.

This series of typography and illustrated animations depict the real life stories and anecdotes of director Taika Waititi while he was growing up.

One of the great many ways to use an explainer video is to educate people. And this video did just that by using engaging animated visuals to explain about the history of fossil fuels.

Kaleidoscopic, hypnotizing and beautiful are the words to describe this piece, visualizing the exceptional words by a brilliant scientist and physicist of our time, Professor Richard Feynman.

Reckon engaged Vidico to produce a live action video to explain about their solution from their users’ point of view. Through witty and clever storytelling, each actor depicts the pains they faced as business owners and how Reckon’s accounting software has helped them in their businesses and their personal lives.

This beautiful masterpiece crafted by Art & Graft brings you through breathtaking scenes in an animated world, illustrated based on real life environments. It’s as if you’re watching a live action video but in an animated form.

This video is designed for Soho House, the exclusive member-only private club for people in the creative industries. What better way to talk about house rules to a bunch of creative people than a creative, well-executed animated explainer video?

This gorgeous piece of explainer video shows you the experience by the character, Ella in purchasing an SUV for herself on TrueCar, one of the largest new and used car platforms in the US.

Death isn’t a delightful topic, but this 3D animated video surely makes it easier to start a conversation about death. By combining cute characters with a catchy tune, the message that the campaign wanted to deliver is definitely on point.

If you’re not up to animated characters or real life actors, this is an approach that you should consider. This creative and conceptual 3D animation created for Slack tells you exactly what Slack can do for you, using simple yet powerful visuals through great storytelling.

This abstract 3D animation created for Microsoft tells a charming story about a family facing changes in their life.

The characters are narrated by different people, represented using simple shapes modeled in 3D. Creativity does come in all shapes. This is another great example of conceptual approach in explainer video.

There are no written rules about how an animated video should look like, and this video demonstrates just that. Cool illustrations and patterns coupled with satisfying fluid hand drawn animations, this is definitely not an ordinary explainer video.

Different random little acts of kindness are stitched together in this emotion-evoking animated piece to encourage people to pass on kindness. This video is truly a remarkable way to send an important message.

Live action video has its own unique way in provoking thoughts and emotions, and this video created for Scandinavian Airlines is a great example of how a video can leave viewers puzzled and filled with emotions.

This video features WNBA All-Star Liz Cambage of the Las Vegas Aces. As she narrates, we can see her donning different outfits by Adidas. The camera angles and perspectives as well as beautifully done color grading create an empowerment feel to the video which totally goes well with the video theme.

This video serves as a good inspiration for those who want to feature an ambassador in their explainer video.

This exquisitely crafted animation created for Mount Saint Vincent University tells the story of two seeds, one grows in a garden and one grows in a farm. The seed in the farm did not sprout even though the farm was well equipped with good machines. The seed in the garden sprouted beautifully, becoming bigger and stronger than before simply because “sometimes the smallest gardens offer the greatest growth”. This is great storytelling done with cel animation techniques and stunning illustrations.

The team at Giant Ant turned a script for Community Futures into a cartoon with a well thought-out storyboard, superb colors and epic imagination.
The character in the animation walks through “a dystopian world full of dial up and fax machine repair shops” before discovering a new world with Community Future.

Costa Sunglasses teamed up with Giant Ant to produce an animated video to create awareness on Florida’s plight – to save Florida’s water. Mind-blowing storytelling done through done through gorgeous visuals and animation. It’s like you’re watching a movie.

As a Vimeo Staff Pick “Best of the Month”, this video designed for the School of Life exudes creativity, combining a mix of different animation techniques from cel to 3D animation to tell viewers how to become a good pessimist.

Watching this video makes you forget that you’re actually watching a footwear company’s ad. The amazing cinematography techniques gave you a feeling that you’re watching a blockbuster movie, wondering what to expect next.

Cut-out animation is a great tool to tell a story or an experience. This video demonstrated a well executed cut-out animation by piecing together images, photos and illustrations to tell the story of Michael Lewis, a financial journalist, and bestselling non-fiction author.

This video centers on an image of the character’s ‘worry stone’. Through simple line-based illustrations and lovely cel animation, the story revolves around how the ‘worry stone’ helped the character’s recovery in Mayo clinic.

The story of JPMorgan Chase & Co is told through alluring pop-up book animation, achieved using 3D software. Paper like characters, objects and buildings erect from the book, from small buildings to a large city with elaborated details.

There are just no limits to graphic design and illustrations. This work of art was produced for Enviro Visa to teach about financial literacy. Pieced together with amazingly smooth animation, this is definitely worth the watch.


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