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TigerAir “I Should Have” Video Campaign

In a joint collaboration with Tequila Singapore, our studio was awarded the task to produce a series of videos for the campaign, with each video targeting a different group – families, business travelers, expatriates and so on.

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We are featured on – Twice!

Kasra Design was featured on recently and our works ‘What is Vector?’ & “Tri-Motion” were chosen as the featured work.

Who is Motionographer? Motionographer™ is a leading authority in the field of motion design. Through articles, interviews and a curated feed of inspiring work, Motionographer has helped define the intersecting spaces of design, animation and storytelling.

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All about Custom Made Videos

In the age of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s usually less about the text and more about the visuals. Naturally, you would need to have a short, impactful description when creating a post for just about anything, but videos and photos have more weight.

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Why You Need Animated Videos to Grow?

Most businesses are skeptical when it comes to animated videos. The general perception is that animations do not look professional. We believe otherwise.

Big brands out there have utilized animations in their corporate videos and yet, the results have been promising. The animation world is endless.

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