Explainer Videos Through The Lens of Virtual Reality

"The marriage of VR and explainer videos will help businesses connect with their future customers in a more innovative and exciting way."

VR, or virtual reality, is a computer-generated simulation that puts a viewer in the middle of the experience. VR creates this effect by artificially forming senses like vision, hearing, etc. and lets a user immerse in a 3D world where he or she can interact with the virtual environment.

With the advent of more powerful computer processors and advancement in head-mounted display technology, virtual reality has become commonplace in multiple industries where the viewer looks for a true in-depth perception of the computer-generated world.

By far, the largest proponent of virtual reality is the gaming industry. However, many other uses which rely on true-to-reality user interface have been catching up. More companies are making 3D explainer videos that implement virtual reality to help their customers better understand what products they are offering.


Explainer Video And The VR Way of Marketing

There are multiple ways of online marketing, but perhaps the most effective way is through an audio-visual medium. Researchers predict that within three years from now, 80% of the global internet traffic will be from online videos, and companies are trying new and better methods to reach their targeted audience.

Explainer videos are engaging, and if properly made, help the audience identify and remember the brand. There have been multiple types of market researches regarding explainer videos as well. These studies show that it helps to better recognize a particular brand, service, or business by almost 74%. Also, people are 85% more likely to purchase an item after seeing such a video.

Companies are looking at almost a 60% increase in leads and sales after successfully implementing an audio-visual marketing campaign. They are also expecting to experience 49% faster revenue generation compared to their counterparts. With the advent of virtual reality, businesses are looking to take it even a bit further.



Creating an Interactive Environment for Everyone

Virtual reality makes explainer video production far more effective by including the target audience in the experience and giving them an opportunity to interact with the item they are looking for. Explainers famous for making a marketing campaign simpler and more approachable. The implementation of VR makes it even more appropriate for a wider customer base in the future.

Top brands around the world are already implementing this platform to help viewers visualise their products more effectively. Although companies primarily use it for training and tradeshows to date, there is a vast opportunity to create and release more and more VR explainer videos in the near future.

Another advantage that comes with VR enabled explainer videos is that they don’t necessarily require a headset to view it. Any display system compatible with an input-output device can support a VR 360° video. This creates an ideal platform for businesses who market via social media. With the widespread reach of handheld media devices, and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. more organisations are making immersive explainer videos that can play on a cell phone or a laptop.


A Platform Equally at Ease With Animation and Live Action Content

Another great aspect of VR explainer videos is the ability to use them both with animation and live action short scripts. For example, Mercedes made an interactive video where the viewer is seated beside the driver of an SL 500 as the later drives on an open highway. The scale of the scenery and the immersing sound make it extremely enjoyable.

On the other hand, companies like Oreo made an animated 360° virtual reality video called the ‘Oreo Wonder Vault’ in which the viewer follows a chocolate landscape making the cookies.

VR explainer videos are not limited to car manufacturers and food products only. Businesses also use them to show a prospective buyer around a plot of land or a flat. It is even possible to render the 3D design of an apartment that is not yet built and allow the potential buyers to view it through VR.



What is The Cost Accompanying Such a Marketing Campaign

The price of making such videos is slightly higher than typical explainer videos given the complexity of the process and the expensive equipment required for implementing the traditional content into a VR environment. However, with the introduction of more capable VR development tools, it is expected to become much easier and cost effective in the near future.

Today, there are hundreds of companies making explainer videos for their target audience. However, the marriage of VR and explainer videos will help businesses connect with their future customers in a more innovative and exciting way. The future is our witness.

Alex Safavinia

CEO & Creative Director at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
He is responsible for the art directions as well as overseeing the progress and development of each production to make sure all projects are delivered flawlessly.