MegaGrass - Measure Your Lawn

100% recyclable and packaged with environmentally-friendly materials.


The Story

MegaGrass is an artificial turf company which produces guilt-free landscaping products that are lead-free, 100% recyclable, packaged with environmentally-friendly materials that release the least amount of carbon footprint.

We’re more than delighted to be given the chance to collaborate with the MegaGrass team in producing a series of 3D animated videos, in line with the launch of their beautiful branding and website.

Measure Your Lawn is the first video we produced for MegaGrass. The video aims to educate the audience about their grass product that can be cut into any size they like, regardless of their project. Whether it is a golf course, a backyard lawn or even a play area for pets, MegaGrass can cut the exact size customers want so they don’t end up buying more than they need.

The client provided us with visual cues on what they would like to see in the video and we helped them bring it to life with cute 3D cartoon characters created specifically MegaGrass, as well as vibrant and cool environments to give the video a positive vibe to elevate the audience’s mood. The colors were picked from MegaGrass branding colors.

We started with sketching the scenes, then we created the 3D static scenes for the client’s approval before animating the characters and everything else in this video.

Video Style: 3D Animation

Client: MegaGrass

Client’s website:

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