The Next Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche: NFT

NFT Profitable Affiliate Marketing
"Selling an NFT could be some of the most incredibly lucrative businesses ever."

When you are talking about the current affiliate marketing trends, your list of trends wouldn’t be complete until you talk about NFT. NFT has become more than a buzz as it has transformed many people into millionaires. To put in context, monthly NFT sales have gone over $2.5 billion in recent times. As impressive as that is, it peaked in February 2022, with sales reaching $4.5 billion.

So, how does it concern you as an affiliate marketer? Marketing analyst Michelle Thomas says it involves you due to the money you could make. In this post, we will be talking about how NFT and affiliate marketing link together. You could make impressive sums from NFT as one of the top profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

What is NFT?

NFT means a non-fungible token that is unique and stored on Blockchain or any other similar type of ledger. By unique, we mean there can’t be two NFTs that are precisely the same.

NFT could be a picture, gif, website name, audio, animation or video. You or any other person can create an NFT. One of the first things to ensure that what you want to make into an NFT is unique and different from existing ones. With what you have chosen to be an NFT now available, you must do the following to make an NFT.

  • Choose your digital ledger. The most popular one is Ethereum (this is why you’ve been seeing .eth about).
  • Have a digital wallet
  • Choose your marketplace
  • Upload the file you want to use as NFT
  • Be ready to sell. You can sell the NFT at a fixed price or unlimited or timed auction.

Selling an NFT could be some of the most incredibly lucrative businesses ever. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.91 million. Sotheby sold the www for $5.42 million. Essentially, we are saying that NFT is one of the top profitable niches but not everyone will create NFTs. So, if you can’t create NFTs, what concerns you as an affiliate marketer. It concerns you because you can help facilitate the sales of NFTs as an affiliate marketer.

NFT Profitable Affiliate Marketing

NFT and Affiliate Marketing

These two link together due to the nature of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that allows an affiliate to earn a commission by helping the owner of a product to sell that product.

So as an affiliate marketer, you can earn by helping people market their NFT. Another way, and perhaps the most prominent way, is to work with NFT trading platforms like Binance.

You are uniquely positioned to help an NFT maker to sell their NFT through NFT marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can run some crypto PR for the crypto platform you are working with. NFT marketing is turning out to be one of the top affiliate niches currently. If you are an influencer who is delving into affiliate marketing, you can use your influencer marketing through social media promotion.

There are different NFT trading platforms and these platforms run lucrative NFT programs that could be suited for you. With the billions that constitute the Non-fungible Token market, we emphasize that you can use affiliate marketing to grab your share by joining the best NFT affiliate programs.

So, let’s look at these excellent programs that could earn you great commissions.

Best NFT Affiliate Programs.

The downside to NFT Affiliate marketing is that only a few marketplaces have the kind of commission you need. This is because NFT is still at the initial stage. The fully mature crypto market boasts more rewards, but NFT will also get there. The more notable exchanges key into the NFT, the more rewarding it will be for NFT affiliate marketing.


The Binance landscape is impressively wide and one of the most popular NFT marketplaces. It has a charity and an academy to help people learn how to trend. Binance is one of the biggest crypto platforms with a large trading volume, ease of funding, the listing of multiple tokens, and its own currency and wallet. You can also trade NFT on the Binance exchange platform.

NFT artworks

When it comes to NFT, Binance hosts multiple categories. There are specific spaces for arts, entertainment, collectibles, gaming, sports, and eSports. Binance has high-level gaming projects which are unique to the Binance NFT platform.

Sellers can sell their tokens through fixed prices and an auction. As an affiliate, you can create your referral links to invite people to register and trade on this platform. When you manage to convert people into Binance users, you will get a 20% commission rate. However, the commission is non-recurring. Binance also offers commissions based on NFT sales.


With a 2.5% commission when someone uses your referral link to buy a Non Fungible Token on the platform, OpenSea can be lucrative. OpenSea is one of the largest markets for collectible tokens as it has a large number of people trading on the platform.

The platform is appealing to those who have an interest in digital tokens as it has various categories. Traders can hike unique collectibles, trading cards, audios, photos, and much more.

However, currently, the OpenSea exchange is no longer offering affiliate programs. Beware of this, and don’t fall for scams. Examine the other programs we have here.

This digital currency exchange offers a 10% commission rate lower than Binance’s 20%. However, unlike Binance, you can get your commission in crypto or cash. You may or may not get the commission one-off. So this means that if a person uses your link, it may not expire when they register and trade. So, you might be able to make more off a person who uses your link. Also, it has a cookie period of 30 days.

crypto scene digital has an outstanding marketplace for NFT. Traders can own arts, music, games, sport, and certain celebrity items. Some brands that have links to this exchange are UFC, IIHF World’s, Heavy Metal, and DRESSX.

Apart from NFT, the platform also allows users to trade. has a wallet and payment bonuses. It operates a decentralized system of finance, and it offers a payment system that accepts crypto for firms. This means that businesses can accept different popular crypto coins as payment on their various websites. is completely for Non-fungible Tokens. Perhaps you already know this from the name. This exchange allows users to mint their material as an NFT. Also, users can manage their NFT on this website.

As an affiliate, you have 3 referral plans you can join. Your commission is 50% on the plan you choose. So, you can;

  • refer $1,000
  • refer $500
  • refer $100

In all of the above, you make 50% of those amounts. So it is possible that you can make a whopping $500 with a referral. The potential of earning as an affiliate marketer with this platform is even more immense.

blockchain network explained

Now, has a 90 days cookie period, meaning if your referrals make purchases within those days, you will earn a commission.

AI Art Shop

Customers can trade with special artworks that this company’s AI algorithm creates. Since it doesn’t allow human input in the art creation process, you have to ensure that your audience wouldn’t mind. However, they shouldn’t as long as they are into NFT. Those guys winning whitelists don’t care about the art creation process. They just want to own, mint and sell.

So, as an affiliate marketer working with this program should allow you access to a demographic of NFT enthusiasts that don’t care about the creation process.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to a 15% commission with each successful referral. In addition, you can even entice your referrals by sharing with them a coupon discount worth 5% off the sales price. However, they can only get this discount when they are about to purchase an NFT.

As impressive as this program is, your referrals must act within 7 days as it has a 7 day cookie window.


NFT is just another profitable niche for affiliate marketers, but it is still a budding niche. In the next few years, it’ll become even more explosive. However, as budding as it is, you can still make some nice bucks working lucrative affiliate programs.


About The Author:

Michelle Thomas is a marketing analyst and blogger in Scanteam. He has been working with web analytics, data collection and analysis for 7 years. He also works in the area of Big Data. His experience helps to be a professional in marketing and related industries.

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