Top 10 Video Production Companies in Singapore (2023)

Top 10 Video Production Companies in Singapore 2023
"The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video." - Gary Vaynerchuk

What does video production entail?

Video production is all about creating awesome videos for your business that showcase your product and help people understand your brand. It’s a creative process of planning, filming, and editing to bring your ideas to life in a way that really connects with your audience. You’re introducing your brand to the world, so it’s important to choose the right production team for you and make a great impression.

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If you’re looking to jump into making a video for your brand, and need to find the right firm in Singapore, look no further. We’re here to bring you the ultimate list of the top 10 video production powerhouses. Whether you’re looking for a small-scale project or in need of a stunning commercial, these firms are guaranteed to get the job done. And they do it well.

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How We Picked These Companies


We carefully reviewed each company’s portfolio to assess the quality and variety of their work. We especially kept an eye out for a strong track record of producing exceptional videos across different industries and video types.

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We took into account recognition from prestigious awards and industry events as a significant factor. Accolades can be a sign of outstanding creativity, technical expertise, and overall excellence in video production.


The level of expertise and specialization is a crucial aspect in producing good videos. We made sure to note a deep understanding of video production techniques, such as cinematography, art direction and live-action equipment used. Companies with a diverse skill set and the ability to cater to various client needs were given extra consideration.


Feedback and testimonials from previous clients factor heavily into our selection process. The experiences and satisfaction of clients who had worked with these companies before are extremely important. Positive testimonials demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver on their promises and provide exceptional customer service.

Top 10 Video Production Companies in Singapore

1) Onedash22

Onedash22 is a leading video production house in Singapore that boasts a fully in-house team of video production and animation experts. Their dedicated team possesses the necessary resources and flexibility to adapt and meet the unique needs of their clients. They specialize in a variety of video formats, including commercials, corporate videos, short films, and social media content, including livestreams. Whether it’s animated or real-life videos, Onedash22 has enough expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Their exceptional work has been recognized through numerous accolades, including multiple awards from prestigious events such as the Telly Awards, Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards, and an Apollo Award. Having worked with renowned brands such as BMW, DBS Bank, and government agencies like the Singapore Ministry of Defense, their reputation as a trusted and accomplished video production partner is rightfully solidified.

2) Kasra Design

Founded in 2011, this team of creatives has become a standout in the video production scene in Singapore. With a focus on detail, Kasra Design© studies the intricacies of their clients needs to ensure they hit every mark.

Kasra Design specializes in various types of videos, including animated videos, motion graphics, 3D animations (cartoon & realistic), and 2D animations.

These cutting edge techniques and out-of-the-box creativity has won several awards at renowned events like the Motion Design Awards and Indigo Design Awards. Their portfolio includes collaborations with major companies such as the HP, Shell, Petronas, VISA, IATA, Pepsico, Charles River and many more. You may enquire about your video production project here.

3) Freeflow

As an international production house, Freeflow provides a convenient one-stop solution for all your video production needs. Freeflow specializes in various types of videos, including TV commercials, online videos, corporate videos, and event videos.

What sets Freeflow apart is their impressive track record of repeated collaborations with renowned brands such as McDonald’s, as well as local brands like Lazada and DBS Bank. These demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver exceptional results and meet the high standards of their clients. And it’s not just their clients who are impressed! They have won several awards from prestigious events like the Gong Creative Circle Awards, a sign of recognition from even within the industry.

4) Upside Down Concepts

A creative powerhouse established in 1998, Upside Down Concepts has an impressive track record of producing feature-length projects and TV programs across different genres for both local and international channels. Always pushing the envelope, their work has been given awards from prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival, Docufest Atlanta, and Techfilm International Festival.

Their portfolio is filled with projects with big names like Microsoft and Pokka, as well as local brands like Singtel. Just a quick glance reveals their ability to meet the demands of diverse clients, and do a bangout job every time. Their years of experience, impressive awards, and prestigious partnerships make them an always reliable choice for video production.

5) Big 3 Media

Growing from a simple video production company to a group of media companies that excels in various media disciplines, Big 3 Media is a name you can’t miss in Singapore. With a team of over 150, spread across four offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and India, they have a wide reach and deep expertise in the industry. Whether it’s for brand awareness, explainer videos, internal corporate communication, or digital experiences like AR/VR, they have the skills and techniques to bring your vision to life. Need eye-catching motion graphics? Engaging 2D and 3D animations? Or even a livestream? They’ve got you covered.

Their breadth of ability and skills is just further proven by their portfolio. From beauty giant Lancome to food industry leader ADiRECT, and even renowned airline Singapore Airlines, Big 3 Media has proven their ability to deliver top-quality videos across different sectors.

6) fewStones

Founded in 2011, fewStones is a trusted video production company known for delivering high-quality, tailored videos on varying budgets. They specialize in end-to-end solutions from concept to editing for polished corporate videos. And they do it skillfully using 2D, 3D, live action, or just about anything you require.

With personalized videos, corporate live streaming, and exceptional photography services, fewStones meets diverse client needs. And with renowned brands like Marriott and Aries Gold working with them, their impressive results speak for themselves.

7) Somerville Media

Somerville Media, a leading provider of corporate video production services and camera crews, is a trusted name in the industry. Based in Singapore, this dynamic company has a strong network of experienced partners across Asia and worldwide.

With their core team of experts, Somerville Media offers a comprehensive range of video production services. From directing and conducting interviews to filming and editing, they have the skills to bring your vision to life. Their portfolio includes collaborations with local and international broadcast and corporate clients, showcasing their ability to deliver top-notch video production services and creative content.

Somerville Media has an impressive track record of working with renowned companies across diverse industries. Giants like Facebook and Autodesk have trusted them with their video production needs, which speaks volumes about their capabilities and quality of work.

8) Aww Media

Aww Media is a versatile video production company that offers a wide range of services to meet diverse needs. They produce social media videos and corporate videos to creative concept videos, interactive videos, motion graphics, and commercials. With 8 years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise to handle various projects with ease.

Their impressive client list includes renowned organizations such as Disney, Uniqlo, and Kino Biotech. These collaborations highlight Aww Media’s ability to consistently deliver exceptional results while working with prestigious clients across different sectors.

9) Blackbird Productions

Blackbird Productions is a well-known video production house in Singapore, specializing in commercial video and photography work. With over a decade of experience, they are known for their creative approach and ability to deliver impactful content. From concept development to distribution, they’ve got you covered with comprehensive and tailored services. And with their state-of-the-art equipment, including the Red Komodo and Anamorphic lenses, you can be sure that their work is quality.

They’ve worked with global brands like Coke, Amazon, L’Oreal, Samsung, Lego, and Paypal, as well as collaborations with advertising agencies.

10) Mediashock

Established in 2009, Mediashock Productions has grown into a regional production house that sets new industry standards. Their diverse team of film producers, illustrators, engineers, and IT specialists has produced over a thousand videos for clients regionally, generating impressive results.

Mediashock Productions specializes in creating videos for branding , corporate communications, and live streaming purposes. They utilize 2D, 3D animation, and live action techniques to bring their clients’ visions to life.

With a track record of working with esteemed brands like Google, Canon, and Makino Asia Group, Mediashock Productions has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality videos that make a significant impact.

Final Words

Looking for a video production company can be a real hassle. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve scoured the web, examined every firm, and put it all together in this awesome list to make your decision-making process a breeze. So, just read through and find the perfect video production company for you!

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