Tutorial: How to Add Dynamic Trails to Objects in Cinema 4D

Tutorial - How to Add Dynamic Trails to Objects in Cinema 4D
"Another Useful Cinema 4D Tutorial"
We’re back with another Cinema 4D tutorial. If you’re looking to spruce up your motion graphics in Cinema 4D, you’re in the right place. In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through the process of adding dynamic trails to your moving objects using Tracer method. It’s a neat little trick that will give your work some extra flair. Let’s get started!

Tutorial summary:

  1. Final result
  2. Create a sphere with ring as the main object
  3. Add a sweep and tracer to start the setup
  4. Link the main object with tracer and adjust the setting
  5. Add a helix as the path
  6. Constraint main object to the helix using align to spline
  7. Add wind deformer to the tracer and tweak the settings
  8. Duplicate the tracer
  9. Select the wind from the 2nd tracer and offset the rotation a bit
  10. Adjust settings to create variation
  11. Tweak the wind setting further if needed
  12. Add a spherical field to the wind deformer and invert it
  13. Enhance the amount of polygons to improve the look
  14. Add a camera and constraint to prepare for final render.

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