Why Testimonial Videos are Essential for Your Business?

Testimonial Videos are Essential for Your Business
"Video content is no longer just a fancy trend - it’s a necessity."

In today’s digital world where everyone has a voice and can share their experiences online, reviews have become a critical component for businesses. People make most of their decisions after searching for a business and looking up the reviews left by others. It’s important to know that over 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and when they do that, their primary purpose is to look up what others have to say about the business. 90% say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

These are very important metrics that show how critical online reviews are to businesses in today’s economy impacting their sales, reputation & popularity.  This is why it’s important for businesses to take online reviews seriously and use positive testimonials to build brand image & gain customer loyalty. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of testimonial videos.

Businesses with testimonial videos can have a higher chance of winning over consumers than businesses with no video presence.

Three Important Reasons to Invest in Testimonial Videos

  1. Videos Are Visually More Stimulating than Text:

People prefer watching a video and learn about a business than having to scroll through lines of texts. Videos are more stimulating and directly affect the visual sense of people which heavily influences their perception of a business. If you really want your business to stand out, start creating testimonial videos that add to the credibility of your business.

  1. Video Testimonials are the Highest Converting Tools

Plenty of statistics prove that testimonial videos are the highest converting tools especially since they relate to people on a personal level. It’s quite convincing to watch people talk about a service or product that is relevant to the viewer’s own journey, hence making it relatable and enabling a purchase decision.

  1. Videos are Also Important Content Marketing Tools

If you’re thinking of ways to ramp up your content marketing efforts, video testimonials should be on your list of priority this year. People are already moving towards video consumption and are in favor of video content over text or images. If you haven’t invested in video content, now is the time to do it or you’ll risk losing your customers to competitors who are already ahead of the game.

You don’t need a long list of reasons to be convinced that testimonial videos are important for your business. All you need is to look at statistics which prove that video content is currently one of the most effective ways to convince your audience and help them make a purchase decision.

If you want to see some really cool examples of testimonial videos done right, here is an interesting blog post to read!

How to Create Your First Testimonial Video?

Now that you know how important testimonial videos are, you need to know how to create your first video. It’s actually quite simple and you can do it right from your phone or video camera. If however, you have a good budget and want to create a professional video, you’ll need to hire a video agency to create the perfect testimonial video for your business.

Reach Out to Your Satisfied Customers & Ask them to Share their Experience

Asking clients who are satisfied with your business to share their experience through a video recording is one of the easiest ways to get testimonial videos. It’s direct, it’s authentic and it’s right from the customer’s mouth which adds credibility to your business.

Guide them but do not Enforce them with a Script

It’s also important that you do not put a script or enforce any kind of statement from the customer. Keep it natural and let the customer do the talking. You can guide them with the direction of their story and try keeping it positive, but you should refrain from binding them to scripted statements since it’s quite easy for the audience to figure out who’s real and who’s faking it.

Keep it Simple

If you choose to invite customers over to record videos, keep the setting and the content simple. You don’t want to exaggerate too much and you don’t want to come off as trying too hard. Keep it simple and short, effectively portraying a transparent & credible message.

Hire an Expert

Raw videos may require editing and final touches to make it look presentable. If you’re looking to create professional videos that have music, text and some simple effects, you should consider hiring an expert who can get the job done faster with better results.

Video content is no longer just a fancy trend – it’s a necessity and one that businesses have invested millions into because it works and brings your customers closer to your business. Invest in testimonial videos and win more clients, build a more loyal consumer base and stand out from your competitors!

Jacklyn Chung

Marketing Executive at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
Being part of the Kasra Design family for many years, Jacklyn takes care of the marketing tasks, be it online or offline.