10 Reasons to Use a Professional Voice Over in Your Explainer Video

explainer video voice over
"A poorly recorded voice over can hurt your video. Here is why!"

There’s no denying that visuals are essential when you make an animation explainer. But what brings those visuals to life and gets your message across? It’s the words. While some animations go well without dialogue, for something like an explainer, words and how they are communicated – explainer video voice over – is crucial.

In fact, it’s the only thing that gives the explainer that human touch to connect with the audience. You cannot just hire some no-one and expect him to do magic for you. An amateur (or poorly recorded) voice over will bomb even the most visually stunning piece of animation. Professional voice recording equipment costs a lot hence your chance of getting a good quality voice over at a low price is slim to none.


The result is a bad video that won’t intrigue, get views, and, most of all, won’t sell. Not to mention how it will significantly damage the overall brand image you or your client might have spent years building. Worst case scenario? Your video could turn into literal meme material (yup, that happens).

The only viable solution to deal with it is to hire a professional voiceover artist. Why? Well, there are some big reasons for that. Keep reading the article to find out. 😉

 Why Use a Professional Explainer Video Voice Over?

Professional voiceover has many perks to take your video project to the next level. The following are some of them:

1. Versatility and Range

The primary purpose of making an explainer or any video is to connect with the audience more efficiently, and a professional voiceover ensures that. A professional artist can record his voice in various styles, adding the much-needed expressions required to articulate a particular visual. It gives your video a personality that resonates with your target audience and makes your video more engaging as well as impactful.

Voice Over Visualization 1

2. Adding Authenticity and Human Touch

Before working with you, voiceover artists must have handled various projects of the exact nature. Hence, they know what your video requires to sound authentic and humane. Speaking from experience, a voiceover that does not match the whole vibe of the video can really make it dull and dry. Not to mention its impact on overall credibility.

3. It is Affordable

If you have a bank that allows you to spend on creating a full-fledged animation, accommodating a professional explainer video voice over isn’t something that should be a problem. Most voiceover actors are affordable, and the value they bring to the project in terms of ROI is worth every penny. They are masters on budget.

4. Use of Superb Equipment

Like an animation company that excels at animation and gets all the latest equipment to improve its quality, professional voiceover service providers have all it takes to produce stunning results. They keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry and constantly strive to improve their services. The final result you get is something you cannot attain through in-house voiceover (unless you have a great artist and the equipment).

Voice Over Visualization 2

5. It Gives Your Brand Familiarity and Recognition.

As we mentioned earlier, a great voice over gives a personality to your video, much like a real person. When the same voice talks to your audience repetitively through different videos, there comes a stage when they instantly recognize the brand without even paying attention. A great way to achieve that is by using a unique male or female voice for your explainers and going forward with the same artist in future projects. Your brand will sound like an old friend talking to your audience.

6. They Adapt According to The Script

A script or video consists of different visuals and situations. Hence, you cannot continue with the same monotonous voice throughout. The change of tone as per the situation is imperative if you want to emotionally connect to your audience and make them feel the situation rather than just see it. The ability of a professional artist to shift between tones and vocal expressions gives your video the much-needed authentic touch, making it much more compelling and interesting.

Voice Over Visualization 3

7. Experience and Industry Knowledge

Professional voiceover companies have usually worked on hundreds of projects in different industries before working with you. Thus, they know what works and what doesn’t and how to present your brand to your potential clients or users accordingly. While this might not seem a huge deal, a bad voiceover is sometimes enough to bomb the entire marketing campaign. As mentioned, It could turn your video into a meme, like this video here!

8. Faster Production Time

When you’re a master of your craft, it’s pretty natural for you to do it quicker and better than anyone else in the trade. The same is true for explainer video voice over as well. Spending your time, money, and effort on someone with little experience will stall the project and provide low-quality results. On the other hand, professional voiceover companies will do it quicker and better, providing you with excellent results. It’s a win-win from both angles.

Voice Over Visualization 5

9. Quick Feedback

Don’t you think the voiceover meets your required standards? No worries! You can always reach the artist and suggest some changes or whatever you would like to improve to make it more suitable for your video. If you have hired a highly professional artist or studio, you will get the quickest feedback, with all the corrections made on time. For them, it’s all about maintaining their reputation, and they’ll do anything to meet your needs.

Voice Over Sound Waves

10. Long-Term Benefits

Alright, it could be a one-time project for you. But here’s the thing! What if your client requires you to update the original video in the future? Or if the artist really becomes the “voice” of a particular brand? You will certainly need him in the future. Luckily, almost all professional voiceover actors and companies are quite committed and will be more than happy to build a long-term relationship with you. After all, who doesn’t like a returning client?

Hiring an Artist for Your Explainer Video Voice Over

Hiring a separate voice over artist to help you on the project sure comes at a price, but how it refines your video is all that matters in the end. Now the question arises, who should you hire for your video? A male or female voiceover artist?

As a rule of thumb, if your target audience is mainly female, you should use a female voiceover. You can use a male voiceover if it’s the other way around. As for who to hire, generally, it’s better to hire a well-reputed voice over agency with great reviews.


Though you can also go for freelance voiceover artists, you aren’t always sure if they have all the right equipment and skill. In other words, choose carefully. It’s your time, your money.

We hope this article has been helpful throughout. See you with another one, and Good luck!

Jacklyn Chung

Marketing Executive at Explainer Videoly Pte. Ltd.
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