10 Ways You Can Benefit From A Product Demo Video

Product demo videos
"Yes to Product Demos and no to hard-sell Marketing Videos."

The term “consultative selling” was coined back in 1970. It was based on the idea of “showing, not selling”; hence, the reps acted more like advisors to the customers instead of salespeople. Instead of pushing the product, they focused on the customer’s pain points. They showed them how a product could provide them a permanent solution. Modern marketers took this approach to the next level. They came up with a product demo video, which even got popular with increased access of people to the internet. It practically erased the need for an army of sales reps and showed a perfect demo of how the product works and how it can benefit the users.

Right now, these videos are considered among the most powerful video marketing tools to generate leads and sales, and almost every business sees them as a lucrative investment.

Why so? Let’s find out in this article!

What is a product demo video, and why is it necessary for a brand?

As the name says, a product demo video demonstrates how a particular product works and educates your audience on how they can use it. They are not only great at promoting engagement, but also addressing their burning issues without sounding salesy. When done right, a product demo can clear many doubts an average viewer might have, building a sense of trust, which translates into overall increased conversions.

How can brands benefit from a product demo video?

A product demo video has numerous benefits to help brands get their desired outcomes. Some of them are listed as under:

1. They prove the product’s effectiveness

When the viewer sees a practical demonstration of how your product functions, it builds the much-needed credibility and gives you an edge over your competition since your product, in fact, does what it says.

This is especially necessary when you reach out to an audience who have never heard of your brand in a world where everyone claims to be the best.

By showing a step-by-step demo, your prospects are more likely to see your product as an effective solution, and perhaps consider it as a valuable choice.

2. They sell without trying

A product demo video doesn’t try to sell, yet it sells your product like nothing else. When showing a product demo to your potential prospects, you will mainly focus on the product’s specifications, features, and overall functionality. You share things that make your product stand out and how it can make their lives easier.

As such videos leave the decision to the viewers’ own mind without enforcing a certain marketing message, they are likely to trust you. Remember, today’s audience is wiser than ever before. They know when you are trying. 😉

3. They cut your expenses

While recruiting sales reps might still be a thing among businesses, they are less effective and lucrative now. In fact, the salaries, commissions, accommodation, and travel expenses add more than you would like to spend on your marketing. On top of that, you are never sure how a sales rep might present your product to a potential prospect.

A product demo saves you from both. You can make a video for a fixed budget, with a very precise and carefully crafted script. The end result is a great product demo that you can share with anyone worldwide through a single link.

4. They make it easy to introduce new products

Okay, it’s superbad to bombard your existing customers with hardcore selling copies every now and then. However, It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them when you have a new product to share. In fact, they might even find value in it.

Since product demos are not hard-sell marketing videos, they only give the seller an idea of what the new product looks like and how it works. If they find it interesting, they search for it by themself. All you need to do is to showcase it on your community platforms.

5. They are a great learning tool for your team

Although modern marketing has left little room for keeping sales reps, if you still find value in face-to-face interaction with your consumers, a product demo may help increase its effectiveness.

Happy Team Watching Product Demo

You can use the demo video to give your team a better idea of the overall product, features, and specifications. This helps them emphasize the main selling points in their presentation and make their overall message more persuasive, increasing the chances of making a conversion.

6. Product demo video is an excellent guiding tool for your customers/clients

Apart from your internal team, demo videos also serve as an excellent guide for your clients and consumers. If they are genuinely interested in your product, it’s imperative for them to know how the whole thing works. If you are running a SaaS company, think of a new update to the UI. A short demo of how the new feature works might help a lot in customer retention.

7. They are easily shareable

One of the many advantages of demo videos is their easy shareability. If you make a visually and content-wise impressive video, people will definitely share it with their friends on their social media accounts, who, in return, will share it with their own followers, and the cycle will continue. As a result, your product gets popular among the masses through a process called “word-of-mouth” marketing.

Sharing Audience Demo 2

8. They build trust

Product demo videos allow your company to have direct online interaction with your customers and essentially “humanize” your brand. When your customers see the company’s staff or founding members teaching them about a particular product, they feel important and genuinely start believing in your product, and the company’s mission.

The final result? A loyal customer base.

9. They provide you useful analytics

You get access to critical analytical data when you upload your video to the internet. It shows how many people watched your video, how long they stayed on your video on average, and at which part they left your video.

You can use this data to make your upcoming videos more engaging by adjusting the length, cutting the duller parts, and making other improvements. On platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, people’s comments can also help in this regard.

10. They convey a sense of ownership

While you cannot provide access to the product to your prospects to check it for themselves, you can definitely give them a sense of how it would feel to have it through a live demonstration. This conveys a sense of ownership to the viewers without actually buying the product and helps them decide more carefully.

If you are selling a SaaS product, you can also provide your prospects a first-hand demo (limited access) of the particular product or app. It’s one of the most effective ways to sell a product, and almost all SaaS companies are currently using this approach.

Final thoughts

By now, you know why product demo videos are getting so popular among businesses. But to bear even half of the results mentioned above, you must make your video the right way. You must know your audience, their deepest pains, and needs, and then plan a video that captures their attention from the very first second.

As you don’t have the advantage of storytelling here like other marketing videos, you must play well with anything you have in hand. Your presentation should be as concise and value-driven as possible if you want it to work.

On this note, let’s give this article a wrap. We hope our two cents on the topic have been helpful. See you with another helpful piece.


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