Industrial Animation Production – Top 11 Examples

Industrial animation production example
"The beauty of animation is that it can be used for any industry."

What is Industrial Animation?

Industrial and construction companies, as well as technical service providers usually face a hard time explaining their solutions. Especially to clients who have no background or knowledge in their field. But it is essential to educate their clients in order to sell their products.

Imagine having to explain the science behind every single part of the revolutionary heating system that your company invented. Sounds impossible, isn’t it?

This is why an industrial animation becomes an essential part of your marketing strategies.

Industrial animation, or so called technical and mechanical animation shows how industrial or technical tools and processes work. It helps simplify complex processes or the science behind industrial and construction solutions. It also conveys the information in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner.

Instead of taking your clients through lengthy explanation or demonstration, an industrial animation showcases the complex or technical parts of your product in an interesting and simple way. This way your audiences can grasp the idea or concept within a few minutes. Genius right?

Types of industrial animation

Industrial animation can be in 2D, 3D, 2.5D or any style of animation but the usual preference is 3D animation as you can showcase a product or tool in all angles (up to 360 degree).

You can also make use of technical animation in 2D style to explain an industrial concept if you don’t have a tangible product yet.

There are things that a camera simply can’t show, like the small molecules of a compound, and can’t reach, such the inside of your machine. Thankfully, this is made possible with an industrial animation.

Top 11 industrial animation samples

We know that many are not familiar with industrial animation, apart from the usual 3D approach. That’s why in this article, we will showcase the top 11 industrial animations that we came across to give you a better inspiration on what style and approach to opt for in your upcoming video project.

Thunder Cranes

Thunder Cranes offers specialized offshore lifting solutions with the largest fleet of portable, modular rental cranes in Asia Pacific. Their self-lifting cranes are versatile and adaptable, helping their clients to support their projects efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising safety, time and performance.

This is a mixed media video where we see shots of live action footage combined with realistic 3D animation. It is used to showcase how the modular cranes are assembled as well as how they operate.


Gigaphoton is a manufacturer of semiconductor devices. They develop, manufacture and sell excimer laser and extreme UV light sources used for lithography tools in the manufacturing of semiconductor. Well, imagine having to explain this to people who are totally an outsider of this industry.

This video is a mix of 2.5D and 3D animation to showcase Gigaphoton’s light source technology products. The technology is used to make IC chips for different devices and the technology behind their products.


Mercedes made use of mechanical animation to showcase their beautiful AMG engine. So viewers can gain an exciting insight into the engine’s development and function. The engine is modelled  and brought to life using highly detailed 3D animation.

DeTech Electron Multipliers

So, how do you tell your viewers what is an electron multiplier? With an industrial animation, of course.

This detailed 3D animation demonstrated different parts of an electron multiplier. It includes an elaborated narrative on how an electron multiplier works.


PFAFF develops premium sewing machines distinguished by their sophisticated appearance and superior performance. It exhibits ultimate design freedom. This short 3D promo video was created to promote their newly launched sewing and embroidery machine. The video features close-up view of the sophisticated-looking machine quite perfectly.

Hitachi HVAC

Talking about heating system, here’s the technical animation produced by Hitachi to unveil their new HVAC system. While the animation is without voice-over, the story was led by cool sound effects and typography animation showing the different parts of the system and their features in realistic 3D renders.

Industrial AIR Purification

Here’s a 3D technical animation showing industrial air purification. It takes viewers into the interior view of the filters, while the narration guides viewers on what the filters can do.

Water Plant

Do you know what goes behind a water plant? This industrial animation walks you through the different features and functionalities of a water plant after being upgraded with new water flow diversion facility. It shows the existing structures and affected. Most parts of the animation shows the underground, which is not possible to demonstrate using a camera (live-action shoot).

Screw Compressor Unit

We like the minimalistic approach of this mechanical animation where the main product is modelled in high quality 3D. And the use of typography animation sits very well with the 3D visuals. In the later part of the video, we can see the oil separation process demonstrated in a clear and concise manner.


Industrial finishing system is portrayed using 3D animation as a normal camera is unable to capture the line in full view. While there’s no narration for this video, the functionalities are explained by text as the camera takes viewers through each part of the system.


This industrial animation combines 2.5D and 3D animation to showcase Drywall Prefabricated Bathroom Units (DPBU). First, it walks viewers through the pain points of conventional construction, before demonstrating the controlled environment. It shows how these units are built while displaying their features. Throughout the video we realize how easy it is to integrate the product into construction projects as well as to maintain the units.


So, whether you have an industrial invention, a construction system or even a technical tool, you can consider creating an industrial animation to educate your audiences in a simple and effective way. It helps you save your time and cost, and ultimately generate more leads for your business.

We hope with this list of the top 11 industrial animations, you are enlightened on the different approaches that are available for the production of your next industrial solution’s video.

Need an Industrial Animation?

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