Tips to Improve The Conversion Rate of Video Landing Pages

Tips Conversions Video Landing Page
"Conversion is important, especially when it comes to your video landing page."

Creating the perfect landing page is both crucial and pivotal to your digital marketing success. After all, all that traffic and leads your ads and promotions generate are meant to drive customers there. While having a functional landing page is great, the entire marketing effort becomes moot if those leads cannot be effectively converted into sales.

According to Wyzowl research, the use of marketing videos for campaigns has risen by 41% since 2016, with 93% of marketers saying it plays an essential role in their marketing strategy’s success.

Considering that a large percentage of customers who watch video marketing content eventually make a purchase, there is a strong relationship between having great marketing videos on your site and high sales returns.

However, creating the ideal video landing page requires some work. Understanding the subtle rules and engagement criteria that customers unconsciously look out for is at the heart of creating a remarkable and effective landing page design.

Here are some of the best practices for setting up the perfect video landing page for maximum yield.

1. Optimize your Page and Video for Mobile

Over 50% of total web activity is generated from smartphone devices, which means at least half of the total traffic from your ads will come from mobile phones. Optimizing your landing page for mobile is an integral part of any digital campaign you choose to pursue.

When creating your landing page, it is recommended that you include specific components such as captions, transcript, and meta-data to help Google crawl bot identify and rank your page higher.

It is also critical to your conversion success rate that you pay close attention to your landing page’s overall load speed.

2. Avoid Auto-play

Let’s face it; no one likes auto-play. They can be annoying and invading, especially when you have no intention of watching them.

As a rule, it is recommended that auto-play for your video marketing be entirely avoided. If you think that viewing your video is a must, consider trying the silent full-screen option that allows viewers to watch it in the background.

3. Customize your Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are a means of advertising in and of themselves. While a shabby, basic thumbnail format might have customers scrolling past, utilizing cheerful and inspiring thumbnail designs has radically increased video play rates.

Having a smiling, inquisitive or eager face tends to excite and encourage people to play your clips.

4. The First 10 Seconds are Crucial

The first 10 seconds are crucial in determining whether potential customers will keep watching your video or opt-out without trying your service then and there.

When creating an opener to your marketing videos, ensure you begin with engaging contents or an intriguing line that would coax your listeners into choosing to explore more

Be sure to eliminate any action or activity before or during the video that viewers will find hard to relate to. Show the benefits of your service early rather than later in the video and dive into engaging reviews that address the problem your service is trying to solve.

5. Utilize Closed Captions (CC)

If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you’ll realize that nearly all video available on the platform now contains closed captions.

Why? Simple, more people are now watching video content with the sound off. To appeal to this growing audience, providing subtitles to your video presentation is essential to effective communication and engagement.

6. Be Friendly and Relatable

Every marketing video goal is to present customers with convincing information on why buying their product is best for solving their problem. Now imagine a salesperson was addressing you. He says all the right things; however, his pitch is lifeless and cold. You’re probably unlikely to buy that product even though there a chance it may satisfy your want.

In the same way, video marketing contents are the equivalent of a physical salesperson for online visitors. Whether you’re creating content for a restaurant or tech startup, your tone and delivery must feel friendly and personal to inspire the desired emotional response from your viewers.

7. Eliminate the Surrounding Text

Other texts, such as the navigation bar not targeted at generating customer engagement, aren’t a factor when creating a landing page to the regular digital marketer. However, according to HubSpot, conversion rates on pages without a navigation bar have proven to provide more yield.

The essence of your landing page is to provide customers with the final piece of information that will convert them from potential leads to purchasing clients. It is recommended that any text or headline pulling away from the customer’s attention or interest to click the play button should be eliminated.

8. Prioritize a Single Main Point

When creating sales campaigns for your video marketing page, instead of trying to include all the features, benefits, and rewards into one video, consider making several shorter videos that will be featured on different campaigns.

This is to shift the focus from general solution provision to specific ones that your audience can readily identify with.

9. Include Call to Action (CTO)

At the end of your video campaign, ensure that you provide customers with a relevant next step guide should they choose to continue with your product. This could be permanently visible through the video or shown at strategic times.



Creating and optimizing your video landing page is an essential tool in increasing engagement and overall conversion rates for your business. When properly implemented, it can propel your brands’ sales returns to soaring heights.

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